Top 5 Best Laptops for College

Studying at college is unthinkable without a laptop today. Any operation, from researching your next essay to typing “who can help me with my homework for me?” in a search engine involves using a computer. But which one is a good combination of price and performance? Which one can become your monster machine without breaking your bank?

To help you out, we have made a list of the best laptops for college. Use it to choose a gadget that will not let you down amid a hard study night or days before an exam. Read on to see what models are trending among students today!

Features of a Monster Laptop 

Let’s briefly go through the list of features essential for student users of laptops. Keep in mind that students use their gadgets in various ways, which differ from conventional home or office use. So, when choosing your model, consider these specifics first: 

  • Light weight 

A rule of thumb is that the lighter the laptop, the less powerful it is, and the less its battery works. This rule doesn’t cover premium laptops that unify lightweight design and durable performance. Yet, they are often beyond the regular student’s budget. As for students, lighter weight is a higher priority. You’ll often bring the laptop to the lectures and travel with it to the library. So, given that you’ll have a pile of other objects in your bag, you’ll want a really light laptop not to break your back. 

  • Long battery life 

The battery life factor is critical for students. You never know how many hours you’ll need to spend at the library or how long you’ll study with classmates. So, your laptop should be ready to work at least 4-5 hours without recharging. But don’t pay too much for the battery alone. You’re sure to find a socket anywhere you go, be it a library or a coffee shop nearby. 

  • Powerful CPU 

Studies involve many different activities on a laptop. You will need the Office suite for sure, adding a well-functioning browser for online research and audio-video conferencing tools and peripherals for online lectures. Besides, you may need a set of apps (like SPSS, Evernote, or other homework help software) to complete homework tasks. If you also have some messengers open and listen to music, make sure that your laptop’s CPU is ready to handle this variety of tasks simultaneously.

Our Top 5 List 

Now, let’s cover the best laptops for college recommended for students of all budgets. 

#1 Lenovo Yoga 7i 

There’s so much good to say about the Lenovo Yoga model! It is lightweight (weighing only three pounds) and mighty in terms of CPU performance. Besides, the “yoga” construction makes it a two-in-one device. The laptop quickly transforms into a tablet, allowing you to work on it using the sensor screen. Other benefits worth mentioning include a modest price and a premium look. The cons of this model are the absence of a fingerprint reader and limited camera functionality. Both are present in a more expensive version – 9i. 

#2 MacBook Air M1 

MacBook Air is the classical choice of millions of users worldwide, students included. It has everything a student needs – light weight, beautiful design, and a powerful battery lasting for 7-8 hours. Its CPU is impressive, with many performance features you’ll never find in the laptops of other producers. It also boasts ample storage that will host all your study materials with ease. 

#3 Dell G5 15 

Do you like to relax between your studies, playing computer games and watching videos? Then this Dell model is what you need. It’s not as lightweight as the previously discussed models. But its performance quality, battery life, and graphics are a perfect combination for those looking for a super-powerful yet affordable machine. 

#4 Google Pixelbook Go 

There are many fans of Pixelbooks, and they have many reasons to love these gadgets. Super-slim design and long battery life make it one of the best laptops for college available for a budget under $700. This laptop is one of the cheapest on the market. Yet, its parameters and work quality are sufficient for full-scale academic work. 

#5 HP Chromebook 14

This HP model also functions as a two-in-one device – a tablet and a laptop. If you choose an 11.6-inch model, you’ll enjoy its light weight and portability. But 13.3-inch models are still more convenient for homework completion as they allow opening two side-by-side windows with some helpful websites and your work files. The battery life is impressive – up to 10 hours, and the price is very pocket-friendly. 

How to get a laptop with a discount? 

Now that you know what gadgets are recognized among the best laptops for college, it’s time to get one for yourself. The options we’ve discussed are superior in productivity, sets of features, and design. But we agree that some of them are too costly for an average student on a budget. So, what to do if you want a great gadget without productivity compromises but are not ready to spend all your money on it? 

Here are a couple of tips for saving on a laptop purchase. First, keep an eye open for sales and special deals. Black Friday, the Amazon Prime Day, a Christmas sale – any holiday may be your lucky day with a considerable discount. Be patient and start preparing for college early; otherwise, you’ll need to buy some mediocre gadget instead of your dream laptop. 

Second, you can always search online and check some used laptop deals. The failing performance or severe defects are not always a cause of sale. Some students merely have some free funds and want a more productive device or a newer model. So, you can get an outstanding laptop for half of its market price. Watch the market, include some models in the watchlist, and your perseverance will be rewarded. 

With all these tips, you’re ready for a profitable laptop purchase. But keep in mind that we live in the era of digital learning. A laptop is indispensable as soon as college studies start. So, even if you dream of some device but have no money for it right now, buy some compromise. You can always shift to a better model later. 

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