Tips for March Madness Spread Betting

March is already here, which means the 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, popularly known as ‘March Madness 2020,’ is also at bay. As previously announced, Selection Sunday will be on March 15, marking the commencement of this season’s tournament. That leaves us with only a week to prepare for the occasion.

Sports fans will not only be busy keeping an eye on the games but also they will be busy looking out at who is climbing up the championship ladder. While at it, a lot of sports fans are also invested in betting games on the results of this year’s tournament.

This is perhaps the closest thing we can do to participating in the competition. In sports betting, we become as invested as the players in their games, which makes March Madness season more exciting.

Speaking of betting, the most popular form of sports betting is by point spreading. For sure, we all have teams in mind that we hope would play at the championship game and win, but in point spreading, we also get chances to win based on tournament results.

If you are entirely new to this and would like to know more tips on how to be successful in spread betting, you are in luck! In this article, we will be sharing to you the basic things you should know on how point spreads for March Madness work and what tips you must keep in mind when betting this season.

Point Spreading

For the NCAA Basketball Tournament, point spreads can be described as picking the winner or loser of a particular match and determining what the final point spread will be. Alternatively expressed, it is when oddsmakers set a figure to provide for an advantage or disadvantage, which figure usually depends on the margin of victory or defeat by a team.

Tips for Spread Betting

The NCAA Basketball tournament will be battled out by 68 teams. It is, thus, one exciting sports event worthy of anticipation this March 2020. The match will be spread over 21 days. It will be jam-packed! Sports fans will have a lot of games to watch and to bet on. It will definitely be a fun season!

For those heavily invested in spread betting, the NCAA basketball tournament should be an entertaining, exciting, and easy avenue for you. The NCAA tournament might be more exhilarating for you. Listed here are some insiders and tricks you can use to win your bets.

Look for remarkable underdogs

The NCAA Tournament is filled with notable upsets and surprising endings. Remarkably, underdogs also become a favorite among basketball fans come March Madness. Hence, when you bet on a team, look for teams that are significant underdogs in the point spread.

Lower-seeded teams tend to perform remarkably well during the tournament, keeping the spread close even if a Cinderella team cannot make an upset. With this strategy, you can win over the bet.

Check line movements

Point spread lines fluctuate for numerous reasons even before the tournament begins. It would be best if you always tried to find out why such changes happened. Hence, stay keen on these movements and make your bets only when you think the spread is favorable to you. Sometimes, it is beneficial to make a bet at the opening of the lines. Other times, it is best to wait right before the actual match starts.

Watch previous games

In winning any betting game, the best strategy is always doing some research. For the NCAA Basketball tournament, this is very easy to do. You can start your research by watching previous game matches of the teams and try to determine their trends. These trends may not be what exactly will go on for the rest of the games, but these may still be useful information to assess your likelihood of winning any bet. Hence, before you make any bet, make an effort to review their previous performances.

Take advantage of live betting options

A lot of sportsbooks specialize in live betting. They will provide numerous options for betting against the spread. Make use of these opportunities. In in-play betting, you will be able to track progress along with the game and, thus, be able to make a bet against the spread when you feel like you know how the game will end.


Keep in mind the above tips when placing your bets and, perhaps, you will be in luck and win. Spread betting should not make you worry one bit. For as long as you track and look out on the above key points, you are good to go.

Do not depend on unreliable theories. Instead, you must rely on research and keen observations. Understand the basics and use actual results to create strong opinions or perceptions. It would also help to study odds and predictions by reliable sports experts and analysts. In that way, you will gain more confidence in placing your bets.

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