Your 101 Guide On Surviving the First Day Of Ramadan!

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It took us all nothing but a blink of an eye only to realize that Ramadan is here once again. With all its beautiful aspects from family gatherings, night prayers, the mouthwatering feast, the Konafa, and the TV series marathon, one problem still occurs. It’s the anger that comes with the package; whether its because of the shortage in your supply of nicotine or caffeine or simply because you’re lacking energy. Anyways, anger management then becomes a skill you desperately need to acquire, in case you want to make it through this month; if not day one. Here are some simple tips we’d recommend for you to try on your first day.

First things first, distract yourself

Instead of staring at a clock or an empty wall counting hours till Iftar, just find something to kill your time. Distract yourself and immerse yourself in productive activities. Get some work done, find a hobby, or maybe volunteer for charity work.

Learn to love your job, if you have one of course

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In case you’re part of the working population, then the distraction is already there. You’re going too swamped with work anyway. However, waking up early for an eight-hour desk job; that’s best case scenario of course, without your usual morning coffee? That’s a bit harsh. But what if it’s a bad day at the office? What if a client is getting on your nerves or your boss is giving you a hard time? Well, always remember Emily Blunt’s words, “I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB!” If you cherish those words and turn them into your mantra, it might spare you a couple of extra hours.

If you happen to drive, make a new friend

If you’re unfortunate enough to drive; especially in the streets of Cairo, then your car horn could be your new friend. You’ll always find someone to bring the worst in you on the road. That’s why you need to control your anger instead of yelling and spilling out your entire cuss words’ dictionary. Honking should do that for you, that’s why car horns are there for, right?

Get those muscles moving

Exercise, jog, or at least go for a walk, but just make sure to get those muscles moving. Other than the fact that this very good for you, exercise is a form of releasing stress. Just make sure to do it one hour before Iftar so you wouldn’t be drained.

Avoid inappropriate content

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Do what it takes to avoid social media accounts that promote inappropriate content resulting in severe cases of foodgasm. Those even ridiculously increase during the holy month.

Award yourself

After you make it to Maghrib with your brain in one piece, don’t hesitate to treat yourself with some sort of guilt-free delicious prize.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Ramadan and may the odds be ever in your favor!