The Ultimate Guide for state-of-the-art Weaponry in ‘Free Fire’

If you’re looking for an exciting battle royale game with exciting gameplay, “Garena Free Fire” can fulfill your needs. The game was developed by “111 dot studios” and was released on September 30, 2017, worldwide. Garena published the game for iOS and Android, is designed in a third-person narrative and is pretty much similar to the likes of PUBG and COD mobile.

The game offers single, duo, and squad modes of play in which 50 players start the match. Several characters are available in the game that can be used by you, some characters are already available, and some have to be unlocked by spending in-game money. The main goal of the game is to survive till the end. The sole survivor or surviving team wins the match. Want to try out this game? Check the best keys providers for Garena and other similar games.


The quality of weapons in battle games is the most important feature. It almost defines the success of the game. Apart from that, using the right gun at the right time is also very important. Garena Free Fire possesses good quality and quantity of weapons. All the weapons in the game fall into different categories, some of which are discussed below.


Pistols can prove to be good side weapons to keep with you along with other powerful weapons. It is quite obvious that once you make progress in the game, pistols become obsolete because of the collection of other powerful weapons. A pistol, however, can save the day for you. Here are some of the weapons that fall in the pistol category:

  • Treatment Gun
  • M500
  • M1873
  • USP
  • G18

Assault Rifles (AR)

Assault rifles are weapons that maintain a good balance between accuracy, fire rate, and firepower. There has to be at least one assault rifle in your arsenal. Some of the best assault rifles available in the game are listed below:

  • AN94
  • XM8
  • M4A1
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Submachine Guns (SMGs)

SMGs are the weapons that provide good firepower in close-range encounters. The firepower is good, but one problem is the high recoil rate of guns, and they demand to be used with experience. Some of the best SMGs in Free Fire are:

  • MP40
  • CG15
  • P90
  • UMP
  • MP5


Shotguns are also good for close-range encounters due to their firepower and precision. However, the fire rate of these guns is a bit low. Pros vastly use these weapons when they have to fight while running. Some of the best shotguns of Free Fire are:

  • SPAS 12
  • M1014
  • M1887

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper rifles provide the best accuracy and precision, and they are almost automatic. As we know, sniper rifles have a low fire rate but their accuracy is unmatched. Below are some of the best sniper rifles available the game:

  • Kar 98K
  • AWM
  • VSS
  • M82B
  • SKS

These are some popular categories of weapons available in the game. Apart from these weapons, there are also some melee weapons included in the game that serve particularly useful as well.

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