The top 5 Canon Cameras for Beginners to buy From a National Store

If you love photography, then a smartphone camera may not be enough for you. DSLRs have long since been values for high quality images, powerful features, and the versatile combinations they provide. When it comes to DSLRs, Canon is a brand that’s built up a reputation for manufacturing some of the best.

What kind of camera should a beginner opt for?

Whether you’re only used to taking pictures through your smartphone, or whether you have prior experience in using cameras, an entry-level camera can be a flexible friend. If you haven’t used DSLRs before, then there’s a decent chance that you might find yourself confused.

The great thing about entry-level beginner cameras from Canon Dubai is that they often come with support and guidance to help you learn. They also cost a fraction of what you can expect to pay for a professional DSLR, complete with your personalized setup. But even when it comes to entry-level DSLRs, Canon UAE has a lot to offer. Here are five beginner cameras from Canon available at National Store, a one stop solution for all affordable canon cameras in UAE. These cameras are worth considering if you’re a beginner:

1. Canon EOS 4000D

The Canon EOS 4000D is a budget friendly camera that packs great resolution and versatile features into one package. It comes with various scene modes, two of which lend themselves particularly well to beginner photography.

The first of these is the ‘Full Auto’ mode, which is matched with intelligent scene analysis. This helps you automatically select the mode that best suits the scene. The second useful feature is the ‘Auto Shooting’ mode. In this mode, you can test out various features and settings, without being too intimidated. The Canon EOS 4000D also comes with an app, the ‘Photo Companion,’ which guides you through using the camera. Altogether, the 4000D is a great beginner camera from Canon, and affordable as well.

2. Canon EOS 2000D

The EOS 2000D comes with 24.1MP resolution. As another entry-level budget friendly camera, this model from Canon boasts a surprising number of useful features. Many of these features are catered to beginners, such as the beginner modes. You get great resolution – 1920×1080 HD, and the Canon EOS 2000D is great for recording as well.

This model comes with a 9-point autofocus system, where you can test your hand out at understanding different focus modes. It does require a bit of practice when it comes to focusing different shots. But once your hand is practiced, you’ll find that moving on to an intermediate level camera is a piece of cake.

3. Canon 250D

The Canon 250D was the first entry-level camera that offered 4K video resolution. So if you’re looking for great quality images at an accessible price point, then look no further. It also comes with a Dual Pixel Autofocus system. This comes with the Movie and Life modes, and enables you to focus on the quality of the shot, instead of the focus.

The Canon 250D also has Creative Assist modes, which is great for beginners. A Guided User Interface helps you learn how to use the camera, as well as how to take the best images with it. The Canon 250D has a great touchscreen interface, and the Quick Menu is easy to navigate.

4. Canon M50 Mark II

The Canon M50 Mark II is a mirrorless model, and lends itself best to blogging and video recording. It lets you live record – so if you’re looking for a beginner camera that can enable you to stream, then this is it.

You get Full HD video recording, a 24MP sensor, brilliant auto modes that come with scene detection, as well as Dual Pixel Auto focus. This Canon camera can even shoot 4K videos, but the ratio gets cropped down by 1.5x, so keep that in mind.

The Canon M50 Mark II is a versatile option if you want a great camera as well as a great video recorder, rolled into one.

5. Canon M200

The Canon M200 comes with a feature that allows you to use interchangeable lenses. It has a 24MP sensor, as well as Dual Pixel Auto focus. The touchscreen on the M200 can be tilted 3″.

One of the best features on the M200 is its Eye Detection auto focus feature. This allows you to focus your pictures more easily, resulting in great shots. You can also shoot 4K video on this model, but the resolution is again cropped.

The Canon M200 really stands out for being portable, and easy to carry. So if you need a great camera that you can carry with you on travels and vacations, then the M200 could be perfect.

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Canon Dubai offers great beginner cameras that are affordable to nearly everyone. Whether you’re trying your hand out at DSLRs, or you want to become professional someday, visit the nearest National Store LLC today.

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