The Three Types of Cheaters, and Why They do it

All of us are familiar with the concept of cheating and who cheaters are. But what is their psychology? Why do people use cheats? A person uses cheats to pass some impassable level in a single game, and someone is looking for overwatch hacks, having fun with the dominance over the enemy team.

Cheats can be found in any game. If there is a demand, there will also be reliable constantly updated cheats by lavicheats.

In any multiplayer, there are a variety of cheats such as Destiny 2 hacks, rust hacks, and others. But their main problem is that you install unknown software on your computer and you do not know what may be hidden under this cheat. And many cheaters get a computer full of viruses instead of playing with cheats.

Let’s look at everything in more detail, from the experience of contacting, identifying, conversations, to holy wars on forums.

Varieties and psychological motives:

  • The first and most common reason why people play with cheats is the unwillingness to lose. After all, losing is bad. Defeat is a wasted time. The meaning is only in victories. In my opinion, this is the most inveterate category of cheaters, because such people do not understand that the whole essence of victory is to achieve it in equal competition with the enemy. The victory obtained by using cheats has zero value. But they do not understand this because for them, victory is the meaning of life and if they lose, it is a disaster. 
  • The second category of cheaters are trolls. They cheat mainly from simple accounts and try to do it as noticeably and ostentatiously as possible so that the opponent sees and feels indignation about such brazen and open cheating. These guys, like ordinary trolls, get high on other people’s disapproval.
  • Another category of cheaters are experimenters. These are people who have the question “what does it feel like?” and “how does it work?” all the time in their head. After all, we know that the forbidden fruit is sweet, and many cannot resist the temptation, especially if cheats are available. Such cheaters usually stop after the first ban, realizing that they are being banned for such a thing and it’s not worth it.

Having watched enough broadcasts from the world championships, having seen how much professional players play, a young fighter also wants to play the same way, but alas, it does not work. The desire to get everything at once does not become fulfilled. And in order not to upset himself, the program is downloaded and without spending time on training and improving his skills, the young friend begins to play hard. Although from the outside, it is always noticeable.


With cheaters, it certainly burns. Many people give up when they meet. You understand that you will not be allowed to win this game and you will be killed in an unfair and unsportsmanlike way, no matter how well you play, and this is all a waste of time. Can’t argue with that. The most important advice that can be given here is to try not to burn from this. And if you still want to experiment with cheats in your favorite game, respect other people, and use only hopeful cheats, so as not to download a couple of “extra” miners.

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