The Most Popular Online Slots Platform in the UK

Slots machines were an integral part of casinos and gambling joints around the world. Even today, the biggest section of any casino is created to house a vast number of slot machines. Today we shifted from mechanisms and rely on software and algorithms to provide slot game experience to players all around the world. As a result, we have gameplay that looks really similar on the surface level but filled with variations within the algorithms that make the whole experience different. Online casinos gradually built up their popularity in different countries all across the globe. The reason is simple, it’s convenient, and for many, it’s the only way they can play casino games. With the advent of a global pandemic in 2020, digital platforms started to see a growing number of users. Now when there are more platforms than ever it would be good to see which ones managed to outrank the competition in terms of popularity. 

Why are slots so popular? 

Before we start ranking online slots, let’s first see what makes them so popular. All casino games are popular in general not just slots, of course. However, we cannot deny that out of all the games that are available in a casino, these RNG machines have the biggest audience. 

There are multiple reasons for this, but perhaps the most obvious one is the ease of access. You don’t have to figure out the rules, or compete against other players for that matter. It’s just a simple press of the button and random outcome that makes up this game. Moreover, there is something called skinner box when it comes to game design. This is the gratification that a player receives while playing the game, and algorithms allow slots to have a potentially high gratification rate. This means that even if the player does not win a jackpot, there is a good chance they will receive something while playing which reinforces their desire to continue. Paired that with low participation price, and the player loses a sense of risk, especially if there is a 45% chance they will win something back. 

How to rank online slot sites

Since fun and entertainment are also a matter of personal taste, it would be better to have some criteria based on which we can determine the popularity. Sure, a number of users seem like a logical answer but there is more to it. Of course, the goal here is not to tell anyone the game they enjoy is not good enough, in fact, whatever platform you find to your liking the most is a no-brainer choice. This is mainly a list of online slot sites that you might want to try if you are looking to give another platform a chance.  

So, the criteria used to rank these sites were:

  • Selection of slot games
  • Bonuses that the site offers
  • Quality of software used
  • Payout options and time
  • Wagering requirements 

Basically, if all of these conditions were met, the number of users naturally followed. However, this still does not imply that the game offers the best experience. There is a good chance that someone who innovates can actually give players a better gaming experience. Since new slot games are still to accumulate their user base, they might not register as popular sites yet. That being said, you can always find new free spins slots, if you look at other websites that compare them, and that playtest these games. With that out of the way, let’s see what are some of the most popular slot sites in the UK.


PlayOjo has an amazing game selection, and it allows its players to win big. Moreover, all of those winnings can be easily withdrawn. It has pretty decent player bonuses and really polished software. 


Although the game selection is not on par with PlayOjo, Mansion has better jackpots and better bonuses. They also have some amazing themes for slots like superheroes from the DC universe. 

The Sun Vegas

The Sun Vegas boasts enough titles that you can play there for weeks without getting bored. It also has a progressive jackpot and generous bonuses along with a great loyalty program. There might be some withdrawal limitations, so make sure you go over the terms of use. Hopefully, you get to try some of these platforms and agree with what was covered here. As mentioned, it will always come down to your personal preference, or if you think that another slot game gives you a lucky juju. 

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