The Fundamentals Of CBD Oil For Horses

Cannabidiol or CBD oil can derive either from hemp or marijuana from the
cannabis plant, having used in pain reduction and in decreasing anxieties/stress. Claims suggest the compound does not necessarily deem a psychoactive element as it won’t make a mammal ‘high,’ but it does have psychoactive effects due to its potential for relaxing stresses and anxieties.

The products don’t fall under the classification of supplements, nor are they
pharmaceuticals. The compound does boast therapeutic and medicinal benefits. CBD claims the purported ability to calm, which is an exceptional breakthrough for equines who commonly exhibit signs of tension and ‘skittish’ episodes. 

Albeit few, there are indications that the substances have helped these striking animals with symptoms relating to health impairments, including inflammation, pain, mobility problems, and conditions such as arthritis in an organic and nontoxic manner, free from adverse effects. Click for benefits of cannabidiol for horses.

How CBD Oil For Horses Can Help?

Horses are no different from any other mammal. They can suffer from the same type of medical conditions as any species, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, seizures, cancer, and the list goes on. In holistic health practices, CBD oil is seeing an increase in popularity among humans as well as their domestic pets with some equestrians beginning to look at the substance as an alternative for their equine. Some benefits directed towards this species include:

Conditions Of The Hoof/Skin:

CBD oil boasts an extraordinary anti-inflammatory and has the potential for treating inflammatory skin conditions. Because a horse’s hoof and skin derive from comparable biological systems, these can be treated using the same type of compound. In cases of inflamed areas within the hooves or symptoms relating to laminitis, claims suggest CBD can help.


Joint pain and arthritis are common in equine, particularly
noting the fact that they’re responsible for carrying substantial weight in
just themselves, not considering the rider. When you factor in the racing,
performances, and competitions, it puts a lot of strain on joints.

Arthritis can be especially painful for this species but ingesting CBD oil
orally touts the potential to decrease the inflammation and increase
mobility. As a general rule, inflammation is a standard part of the immune
system providing white blood cells, fluid, and nutrients to hurt or diseased areas. 

But an over-abundance is overwhelming for the body, creating negative
reactions as in equine arthritis when the collagen begins to break down
causing the horse great pain over time.


Whether related to arthritis or other sources, horses can suffer
chronic episodes of pain making their daily routine challenging. Claims
suggest that CBD reacts with the ‘vanilloid receptors’ in the equine body in
an effort to control how pain is perceived. 

The thing equestrians are most impressed within the compound is there
are little to no adverse reactions as compared to some harsh
pharmaceuticals, which are typically prescribed when the animals have
chronic pain episodes.

Usually, chemically-laden medications come with a multitude of negative effects. That has always made for a difficult decision, whether to allow the pet to endure the symptoms or give them a substance that may add possibly more harmful symptoms. CBD offers a natural option without that worry. For an idea of what to expect from use with the compound go to American Horse Pubs.

CBD is emerging as a ‘naturopathic’ therapeutic alternative to harsher methods for helping horses with specific symptoms associated with their various ailments and disorders.

Pet parents embrace the benefits they find from the use of the products from the point of reducing their equine tension and stress to helping with signs of depression to decreasing symptoms of muscle aches and chronic pain.

Final Thought

A horse is an equestrian’s big ‘pet.’ Like a pet parent, they don’t want to see their friend suffer in any way, just as someone with a dog, cat, or hamster, wants to protect their companion animals. CBD for horses purports to offer that protection in a safe, natural product that gives them no poor reactions.

The products can be administered in such a way that consumption is not stressful for the animal. That’s incredibly important especially if you’re trying to decrease anxieties, which are a common issue for the horse species.

There is still a great deal to learn concerning CBD and its potential. Research is just beginning. It’s always advisable to consult with the animal’s vet and incorporate as much research in an effort to be informed before beginning an animal on a new substance.

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