The Full Story Behind the Accusations Against Rapper Shehab El Sayed

Last weekend, a new case of sexual assault surfaced on social media. An upcoming Egyptian rapper, Shehab El Sayed, was accused of sexual harassment after screenshots of his conversations with multiple girls went viral. The screenshots showed El Sayed flirting and asking these girls to go out with him or send him nude photos of themselves, and insulting and threatening them if they rejected his request.

After these pictures started being widely circulated on the internet, his response to the accusations was to openly threaten them to go to court for defamation, and he publicly threatened a minor. He even went as far as saying that he can get any girl he wants “using a song of his”. 24 hours after these accusations went viral, several Egyptian rappers reacted to the incident by condemning his actions and posts. Egyptian producer Molotof announced that El Sayed’s music video has been taken down from Youtube and that “there will be no more future collaborations with Shehab”.

The hashtag شهابالسيدمتحرش, which translates to “Shehab El Sayed the sexual predator, went viral, with angry social media users explaining that he should get what he deserves even if he’s an artist or has a following base. According to Assault Police, his Instagram account was deactivated and he lost many of his followers.

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Posted by ‎راب سين – Rap Scene‎ on Thursday, February 4, 2021

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