The Best of Technology to Keep You Occupied During Lockdown

With the COVID-19 pandemic having swept across the globe in the last couple of months, governments have had to issue stay-at-home orders of varying severity in order to control the spread of the virus in the absence of a vaccine. With the infection rate and death counts rising every day, it seems like the current scenario is the ‘new normal’ and is here to stay till a medical response is found and implemented globally. With this being the case, most people are stuck inside their homes with very little to keep them entertained. Thus, we have some of the best tech hacks for you to stay occupied and productive despite being at home.

Thankfully, we live in a world where technology is ubiquitous, and therefore there is widespread access to a whole host of services through the internet. Our smartphones are literally portable computers, for example, with enough processing power to do the most complex tasks effortlessly, and so most people can get by with just their phones. They can be used for gaming, with many studios offering games for free during this time, or even a bit of online gambling, especially as land-based casinos have been forced to shut all across the world. There are a number of online gambling providers with casino games available to play from home, with quite a few of them offering pala casino promotions as well, and offers on tokens which could be used on the site. People are also using their phones for streaming services, whether it be YouTube or Netflix or Amazon Prime, so much so that YouTube reduced the quality of its videos, if seen on a mobile phone, to a max of 480p in India to reduce the load on its servers and bandwidth, such was the rise in the number of people using the service in India after it went into lockdown.

Of course, with smart televisions available, people can use these services on a relatively larger screen as well, as can those who have products like the Amazon Fire Stick or the Google Chromecast, allowing them to use their televisions to stream online content. However, just sitting and watching content cannot be the only task during such times; people need to be able to work and maintain their fitness as well. Here again, technology comes to the rescue. There has been a huge spike in online fitness classes, with a number of instructors offering lessons over Instagram or Zoom or other video-streaming and calling services, and anybody with a phone, laptop or even a tablet like an iPad can make use of this and work out in real-time with their instructors, who can also see them and offer suggestions etc.

Another excellent way to pass the time during lockdown, or any time really, is to get into reading. While you may not be able to step out to buy books, or even have them delivered through online shopping, e-readers can come to the rescue. The Amazon Kindle is just one example of an e-reader where someone can carry thousands of books in a device only a little larger than a phone, and lighter than most books. E-readers allow people to buy and download their favourite books to peruse at their leisure, and so there is no restriction of space that comes with buying dozens of physical copies.

Of course, these are only some of the ways in which technology can help us during this time – there are probably hundreds of other things which can be done to pass the time and also be productive by using the internet.

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