Tameem Youness Gets His Interview With Marwan Younis Canceled After Social Media Backlash

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months then there is no way that you do not know about the social cancellation campaign declared against Tameem Youness.

Tameem Youness is one of the most attacked social media personas today because of his infamous song “Salmonella” which was received as a direct promotion for sexual harassment.

His name is never mentioned today without an angry campaign that takes over social media. The latest campaign was directed not only against the infamous Tameem Youness but also against Marwan Younis who announced interviewing Tameem on his radio channel.

Cat Call of Cairo is an Instagram account interested in following the women’s issues around Egypt. They posted a video in response to Tameem Youness’ interview news suggesting “sarcastically” a few pitches for the radio channel to interview such as Ahmed Bassam Zaki, the infamous serial rapist, and the Vermont rapists, among others.

The sarcastic video came out with an angry tone to highlight the wrathful feelings of the women all over the country who felt degraded and defeated for celebrating Tameem Youness by giving him a platform.

Cat Call of Cairo are not the only social media that posted in response to the raging news

So many tweets exploded since the news outbreak attacking the interviewer and the interviewee. While some of the tweets took responsibility in reminding the people of Tameem’s alleged crimes, others were repulsed by the fact that the rapists and harassers are having a normal if not a successful life.

Hashtag #TameemYounisIsRapist took over so many tweets to remind the people of his crimes so that no one forgets and the victims’ pain does not get swept under the carpet.

In another tweet, the user expressed outrage by the fact that Amr Warda is moving on with his life after his harassment crimes, Tameem Youness’ positive representation and success, as well as the mother who forgave her son after burning his sister, saving him from a death sentence and eventually highlighted the disgraceful social killing of Bassant Khalid who took her on life under the pressure of the family’s honor.

A tweet replied to Younness’ interview announcement on Twitter confirming that people will not forget nor forgive what he has done. The tweet also mocked what it expected of Tameem’s surprise that people are declaring another rage campaign in response to the latest news.

Eventually, and under the pressure of the rage explosion on social media, the interview was canceled. The radio channel account on Twitter announced that the interview that was meant for today’s 4 p.m. was canceled without clarifying any reasons.

This social media campaign tells us that the women in Egypt will never forget nor forgive and that they are going to stay awake and sharp for whatever means being used to whitewash a harasser or a rapist which at least, will not go on without a proper fight.

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