Tales of an Escapist: What a Waste…

You’ve probably heard the urban myth that Egyptian children are the smartest in the world, or that the Egyptian people are the best or the Egyptian mind is the sharpest etc, etc, etc… As a matter of fact, this could have some truth to it, except that we’ll never really know. According to John Locke’s Tabula Rasa, the human mind starts out as a clean slate, a Tabula Rasa (White paper), with the all the infinite potential of the human mind, but then comes society and our beloved Egyptian educational system, first comes phase 1 of the retardation process with the mind numbing curriculums, the lack of imaginative & practical exercises and the dependence on the preservation and regurgitation of information in exams and last but not least the spirit shattering expectations of parents for their kids to be either doctors or engineers with anything else viewed as a failure,  destroying the very first blossom of potential at a very early age.
And then comes college…
While college is supposed to play a pivotal role in the formation of a person’s character, knowledge and career orientation, sadly it has become merely a social status and much like many things in our society, a commodity accessible only to those with the financial means.
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And the result is an individual unequipped with the basic tools and knowledge to face the professional life, not doing what they love and incapable of helping themselves or their country. 
Even those who were privileged enough to receive a decent education often crash against the sturdy, unyielding rocks of bureaucracy and nepotism. 
So there’s no American dream, there is no grass is greener on the other side, just a vast black hole of potential & talent in our country, this is why thousands of very capable young individuals choose to leave the country to utilize their potential and fulfill their dreams elsewhere. 
It makes me very happy when I hear about success stories of young entrepreneurs in Egypt, making it against all odds, that’s why we should focus on banishing cronyism & nepotism and allocate all our resources to the betterment of education and utilize the infinite pool of talent and potential that we have in this country, otherwise… what a waste…
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