Tales of An Escapist: The Perfect Date.


This is my idea of a perfect date:

Make a strict schedule and let her know the hours beforehand so she would adjust her curfew accordingly.

-Pick her up from under her house.

-Kiss her hand.

-Open the door for her.

-Make a playlist of her favorite songs to play in the car.

-Take her to do something you’d usually do with your boys i.e chill out at koshk/ahwa/spot. (They go crazy over that kind of thing for some reason)

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-Make reservations in either her favorite restaurant or an exciting new one that you’ve heard about.

-Listen to her talk about herself (you don’t understand how rare it is to find someone who listens)

-Go get ice cream (that’s a prerequisite).

-Go play arcades (let her win obviously)

-Prepare a gift bag and put it under the passenger seat with the following: (Favorite chocolate, lots of candy, a card, a cool cover for her phone instead of that one you hate, a gift card for a spa including a massage or anything you think she always wanted but never had the time to get).

-Drive her home.

-Kiss hand again.

-Thank me later.

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