Tales of an Escapist: Escapism Could be Your Friend.



The world has more happiness than misery, yet there are more miserable people in the world than there are happy ones, why? It’s a complex yet extremely simple concept.

The following analogy puts it in a very simple way: 

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Think of it as climbing a mountain that has whatever you want in life at the top of it, the climb is extremely difficult and challenging, you’ll face many obstacles along the way, but eventually the reward is well worth it. On the other hand if you decided along the way to give up and let go, the free fall is as simple as it is relieving, it will take no effort, you will have no obstacles while you’re falling, but once you reach the bottom, you will meet your doom; so unlike happiness it’s a lot easier to give up and it’s almost effortless to be depressed. 

Happiness requires mental strength and a certain command on your perspective, the ability to look at the same thing in a different way is a gift only a few possess. 

It’s essential to shield yourself from drama and sadness that does not directly affect your life and which you can not do anything to change; for example: a human tragedy in a distant country will not directly affect your life, and you can’t really do anything about it, yet the empathy associated with it is almost crippling, it will affect the quality of your life, add to that watching Turkish soaps, engaging in online or offline useless debates and most recently following political news, after all we already have enough drama in our own lives to last us two lifetimes.

Escapism might on some level be a selfish attribute, but with a life this short, it’s only fair to at least try to make it a pleasant one. 

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