Tales of an Escapist: Don’t Buy Things, Buy Experiences


What better way to do just that than by traveling? Next to philanthropy, traveling is most definitely the best way to spend your money. You expose yourself to different cultures, traditions, languages and faiths, which cultivates tolerance and makes you a better person by definition. On the leisure front, you get to try genuine delicious cuisines, make new friends, learn new things… so unless you contract an incurable disease, it’s pretty much a win/win.

When you pay x,xxx for the latest phone, it gives you instant happiness but not only is it limited by the release of the next version of that phone, but it’s also quickly replaced by a feeling of disappointment.

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A trip to Rome, on the other hand, might cost you the same amount of money but the experience and the memories you’ll make on that trip will last you a lifetime.

Another fun thing about traveling is that when you arrive at a foreign destination, it’s like you hit the restart button. People don’t know you, they don’t judge you and they have zero expectations. You get to be whoever you like, you can even try a different accent if you’re into that.

So the next time you think about how to spend that paycheck… look at the bigger picture, don’t buy things, buy experiences.

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