Surprise Your Mom With The Best Arab Perfume Brands This Mother’s Day

On March 21, we celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring our mothers who sacrificed so much to give us a wonderful life. Choosing the ideal present for them can be difficult since there are countless things you can buy. Luckily, today is also National Fragrance Day so we thought we’d bring the two days together by exploring our favorite Arab perfume brands that you can gift your mother.


Rasasi is a UAE-based brand that has been in the market for about four decades and it creatively combines oud and musk-based components with perfume samples from Europe to produce something utterly new. One of their best-known scents is “Shuhrah,” which translates to “fame” in Arabic. This perfume mixes musk and grey amber to highlight feminine elegance. Rasasi perfumes have reasonable pricing that vary from EGP1600 to EGP2400.

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Ahmed Al Maghribi 

One of the top unisex perfume brands in Saudi Arabia is Al Maghribi. His Oud Roses fragrance leans more into the western end of the Arabic perfume aesthetic with fresh, sweet fragments of roses and oud. Oud Crush is another well-known floral fragrance that blends with jasmine and oud at base notes. The typical pricing range for a bottle of perfume by Ahmed Al Maghribi is EGP1800 to EGP2700.


Al-Amaken, widely regarded as one of the top Arabian fragrance brands in the UAE and Gulf region, is an energetic and enticing fruity scent fragrance. Bergamot, black currant, and passionfruit make up the perfume’s top notes. Vanilla, jasmine, and rose make up the middle notes, while musk, patchouli, and cedar make up the base notes which can last on skin anywhere from four to six hours. The perfume is priced between EGP1700 and EGP2000.


Alia, which in Arabic means “noble,” is a UAE brand with a predominant fruity scent that allows a feel of warmth due to the rose and jasmine. It has top notes of lavender & lemon and middle notes of rose and herbal. For its base notes, they are made up of patchouli, amber, cedarwood, vanilla, and white musk. The price range for Alia perfumes is EGP2000 to EGP3500.

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Yas Perfume

What makes this brand special is its real power that relies on blending French fragrances with Arabian scents. They have produced red musk, cedar, violet, and chilli luxury fragrances using this method. This brand is on a pricier side ranging from EGP2600 to EGP5400.


Amal, which translates to hope in Arabic, is a Saudi fragrance popular among UAE and Saudi residents. It has top notes of peach and pineapple; middle notes are rose and jasmine; base notes are sandalwood, cedar, musk, caramel and vanilla. With this wide variety of scents, the perfume is definitely among the list of best Arabian oud perfumes, Amal is priced between EGP2300 TO EGP5000.

So if you’re still unsure of what to get your mother as a present, one of these scents would undoubtedly brighten her day. They all offer positivism and unmatched smells while catering to various tastes.

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