Stop Making Fun of the ‘Lower-Class’ Egyptians Enjoying Their Summer Vacation

Social media can be a ‘Regina George’ clone. It can play games with your head. It can call you names, both directly & indirectly. It can create sarcastic memes. It can hurt. Every now and then in the non-judgemental, educated and ‘open-minded’ Egyptian society, a group of people become Regina George’s new victim. Their recent catch: The ‘lower class’ Egyptians enjoying their summer vacation.


Here’s how it usually goes down: someone uploads a picture (like the one below) of a group of Egyptians ‘3ala ad 7alhom’ making the most out of the sun, sea and sand (just like the rest of us) paired with a bitchy-ass caption making fun of their attire – mostly – or the food they’ve packed with them, or any other observation they can get their fangs into.

I honestly just don’t get it. I really can’t seem to see the logic behind it. Every weekend everyone ‘in our society’ heads out to Sahel. We book parties, we lay by the beach hoping to catch that perfect bronze shade, we BBQ in our gardens and just basically want to have a good time; it’s a universal thing you guys! Do we get judged for our behaviors? No. Do we get posts on social media laughing about our (to them) ‘skimpy’ attire? No. Does our spending a mini-fortune every weekend affect their ‘cheap’ summer vacation in Sharm on the beach? No. So why is it always us? Why do we always insist on bringing down a major part of the Egyptian population just because how conservative they dress, the way they eat, or how they talk?


Nothing boils my blood more than seeing someone laugh at someone who’s different to them, simply because of where and what family or society they were born into. You would probably be swimming in the sea in full attire if you were born into a family who couldn’t afford your CAC education, and instead went to a regular public Egyptian school. Surprise! Look, when it comes down to it, the truth of the matter is that you probably wont be sharing the same beach with the people you poke fun of. So seriously, cut them some slack. Do you and let them do them —it really REALLY isn’t as difficult as it seems.


Also, please save the whole hygiene discussion for someone else, it’s the bloody sea guys, whales poop in there all the time. And, if you’re going to go for the pool discussion, check out any American public pool, its full of people swimming in their clothes, 3ashan 3o2det el khawaga bas (see below). The mo7agabat maillot is made for the water and you’re probably going to catch an infection from all the kids peeing in the pool or from the pool-man slacking off on his job rather than by someone who’s swimming in a t-shirt. So pretty much the problem here is your big head stuck way up your ass and it’s making you uncomfortable, judgmental and basically just not a very nice person overall. Let me help you pull that out…there you go.






WE SAID THIS: Now, please, let’s all do a little thinking before we speak, the world really could use a lot less hate and a lot more love.


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