Spruce Up Your Home With These Egyptian Handmade Products

A glistening marble vase sitting next to a wicker threaded white lamp would describe a house decorated with a touch of local Egyptian talent. At a time when import restrictions are at a highest, more people are leaning towards locally produced decor pieces to accentuate their homes. These brands have been taking over the online sphere with more shops using Instagram as their main platform. To try out some of Egypt’s top local brands, the Scoop Team made a collection of the best in handmade home decor.

Mud Products

Simplicity and elegance at its finest, MUD studios is home to artisanal clay and marble products. Formed by a group of creative designers in 2013, the online store offers products ranging from uniquely shaped pastel colored pencil pots to glossy thick marbled plates. Marbled coasters, toothbrush holders and ashtrays speckled with gold are also part of their repertoire.

The design team would first research and undergo long brainstorming sessions to come up with the designs. Then each of their products would get handmade in large warehouses. Their clay pots are sculpted by professional artists while their marble plates are cut and shaped using stone cutters.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page and website.


Founded by Mariam Montaser, an interior designer who wanted to help boho lovers create a bohemian feel to their home. Her online specialty store specializes in crafting bamboo and wood products including their signature hand carved eye shaped mirrors and tree stump end tables.

They also offer the option of customizing products based on personal taste and preferences. Using raw wood, bamboo or clay, they can create any product of any design whether it’s vases, cups, log stools and so on.

You can find them both on their Instagram page as well as their website.


Professional designer Rania Ahmed left behind her job in marketing to pursue her love and passion for handcrafting. That is the story behind how Tayets, a store specialized in natural handmade rope products came to be, opening its doors in 2020.

Their products include jute rope baskets, bowls and jute mirrors. Similar to Bohome, they are known for their relaxed Boho style designs yet offer a wider range of products including woven place mats and bamboo ceiling lights.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page and website.

NOULA Home Decor

Omar Laz, Nour and Sarah Bahaa, the founders of NOULA Home Decor wanted to create a platform to help people design their homes based on their own taste. Mainly specialized in wood, they create everything from mirrors, tables, coasters and pretty much any product you can design your house with.

They also offer the option to customize any product. If customers have a certain design in mind, NOULA had help bring it to life. They also work with steel, bamboo, brass, copper and fabrics.

You can browse through their products on their Instagram page.

Chef May

The celebrity chef, May Yacoubi took a dip into the realm of home decor with the launch of Chef May in 2021. Unlike most home decor online stores, Chef May does not solely focus on vases, mirrors and other decor pieces to accentuate one’s home. The brand also places a larger focus on the kitchen with products ranging from colorful salad bowels painted with sweeping flowers to an evil eye skillet.

Recently, they created a new set of designs made specially by Chef May Yacoubi herself including a wooden cake slicer and her signature brass serving spoons.

You can find their products on Instagram as well as their website.

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