Here are 3 Online Slots with the Best Graphics!

Video slots have been improving at a rapid rate over the last ten years. While the features that are offered have undoubtedly improved a lot, the graphics are the most obvious area where these tweaks and adjustments have been well showcased. Slot graphics are better than they have ever been, and we have put together our list of the best ones.

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Tomb of Akhenaten

This is one of the best-looking slots around. It’s games like this, that have really helped to drive the popularity of video slots at online casinos, which has obviously made opening new casinos a common occurrence. This uses some fantastic realistic looking graphics to draw the player in. It combines the main symbols’ realistic style with a 3D style for the bonus scatter. Everything looks really clear, and there is no pixelation in place for any of the images. On top of this, the colour for all symbols is very bright, and it helps everything to stand out.

Ice Ice Yeti

The cartoon style that’s in place for Ice Ice Yeti, is absolutely perfect for its theme. Although most people will be drawn in by the more than 16,0000 ways to win that are on the reels, this game is also arguably one of the best-looking titles out there as well. It starts with the title screen, which has a nice 3D effect for the lettering.

The symbols have a fun cartoon-style feel to them, which really helps the game to stand out. They look great on the reels, and the animations for every spin look fantastic. This is without a doubt one of the most visually attractive games out there. The graphics will blow the mind of most players out there, and it matches this up with some fantastic gameplay.


The title of this game should give you an instant idea of what it’s about. Oktoberfest is the annual beer festival of German origin. It uses the beer festival as the theme throughout, and it really looks great while doing so. What really makes this game stand out, is how the playing card symbols that are used for lower-paying symbols, are designed. They have been made out of pretzels, which are a famous snack served during Oktoberfest.

It’s not just the low paying symbols that look great though. There are also beer mug symbols, which are stacked symbols of a man and woman clinking their glasses together. Everything here has a great feel to it, and it has been designed to a very high level. It really does look great.

WE SAID THIS: Slot graphics are better than they have ever been!