Pros And Cons Of Using Technology For Customer Communication

Communication is, and always will be, an integral part of human society. It has been an essential factor in the advancement of humanity. Nowadays, constant communication is vital in all aspects of life, especially in managing business operations. Technological advancement brought about changes in how communication is done with valued clients. The list below presents both pros and cons of using technology for customer communication.


Efficient Communication

There was a period when the means of distant communication was the utilization of mails and couriers. It took a significant time for messages to be delivered due to logistical concerns. Nowadays, communication between entrepreneurs and clientele can happen through mobile means. 

Operation-wise, a good example would be using online faxing to transmit necessary documents in a significant business transaction. This online service operates as follows:

  • The sender attaches a file to an existing e-mail. Its file format could be a Portable Document Format (PDF) or similar. It’s up to you. Then, hit ‘send.’
  • After sending, your fax message will be converted to a file format readable to your recipient’s fax machine.
  • Your recipient’s fax machine will then decode the given information and translate it into a readable format. 

The process is similar compared to traditional faxing. However, online faxing utilizes a web interface rather than using the fax machine itself to send information. A clear advantage here is that all processes can cost-effectively happen instantaneously without the need for a wired telephone connection

Convenient Accessibility

In today’s world, communicating with customers has never been easier due to mobile applications. These applications provide an easy means of communication and enable individuals to send messages to their contacts without much hassle quickly.

Modern business software provides convenience and ease in business transactions between entrepreneurs and their customers.

Highly Economical

Beforehand, meetings happen in a face-to-face setting between sales staff and influential clientele. Sometimes, the logistical circumstance requires people to travel significantly. Often, these situations would require substantial expenses.

Today, group conferences and important sales calls can happen virtually, and online meetings. These scenarios dramatically reduce the cost of the travel budget.


Persistent Distraction

A growing concern in the business workspace is the availability and easy access to mobile applications that can be too distracting. Such applications can be in the form of social media platforms and gaming applications.

Distractions brought in by these outlets can become time-wasters and significantly reduce an individual’s productive output.

Social Awkwardness

Communicating through mobile and online means presents a challenging circumstance. Chats and text messages often lack intimacy and remove information given out by body language and tone of voice.

Most of the time, people who primarily engage via technological means may find difficulty understanding nonverbal cues. This scenario can be attributed to a lack of social interaction and face-to-face conversation, often leading to miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Rather than improving communications with new clients, this could end up jeopardizing business relationships.

Closing Thoughts

Indeed, technological advancement changed how communication is done in a business setting. It provided efficient and cost-effective means to deliver information. Moreover, easy access to this technology can be extremely convenient.

However, it also presented a growing concern that technology can also reduce productivity due to distraction. Another issue is the social awkwardness some people have if they’re too engaged in online conversations and lack personal face-to-face interaction. These problems could harm business relationships if unaddressed immediately. Thus, it is one’s responsibility to balance out its pros and cons in a manner that’ll benefit you, your work, and your valued customers.

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