Project XX. – Judgement Day


This is our final post to you, so listen carefully. Dom on an easter egg hunt and Kenzie threatening to jump off the ledge of Mori Sushi. We are feeling somewhat like Anne Frank, hidden away. Not specifically in hiding, but residing in the bosom of our dear whaling sister Kimmy, who has taken it upon herself to nurture us in this difficult unstable period. 

Let us depict a few of the events which have unfolded. Our hunt is finally over. We are moving to a new studio space in Zamalek, deposit finalized after a series of unfortunate events we were led to this conclusion. Project XX. may be over, but we are still here. Painting, fighting and waiting for the rain. Frankie can finally spread his wings (and legs) and become a city bitch.

Our new mission and focus is to actively begin auditions for a suitable lady friend. His resume reads: Big, tall, pink, strong, so we should have a suitable list of prospects. 

As for the completion of Project XX. , we have currently lost our wings of calm. Remember how we told you we are both fiery people? Well, painting calms those vast forest fires spreading at the speed of sound, and creates a smooth inner sense of peace in both our cases. So without painting the road has been rocky. So rocky that Dom prodded Kenzie in the butt at 4:30am and insisted they needed to engage in a risque but fulfilling painting mission in order to reach self actualization. Is she cray? Against Kenzie’s will Dom continued to prod, shove, grumble and finally resorted to tearing. We woke up and produced a gift for the person who has been the 11th disk in our spinal cord for the past week (for Kimmy with love.) 

So we leave you with all the elegance and grace that we can manage for now, we thank you all for your support because without it we would be at the bottom of the Hudson. We would also like to thank Mr. Karim, for being Kenzie’s counsellor and guardian angel. If you are reading this family counseller Karim, please contact us asap. 

Thank you Scoop Empire, for scooping our empire, you carried our story with poise and love.

Over and Out
Love Project XX. 

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