Press Pause

You get an epiphany, and you catch yourself doing exactly what you’ve always made fun of and criticized, you make plans to take actions and you stick to them for like 2 days at most, then you’re back to square one, the force of habit takes over and you literally feel paralyzed and unable to change.

What would it take? A method, a plan or simply a person that would constantly remind you of your own promises to yourself, seems silly I know, but sometimes it’s the only chance you got.

Now what if you have an epiphany? And you’re determined to respond accordingly, but for the life of you, you just can’t organize your thoughts for two minutes and decide what you need to do.

Mind is always on overdrive, perpetual white noise, thoughts within thoughts none of which linger long enough to form an idea. You get a headache at the end of the day from overthinking… overthinking what? You have NO IDEA.

So my personal experience proved to me that solitude might just be the antidote. Over the course of eight days in which I retreated to a place with no notable 21st century noise, I regained control over my mind, and felt for the first time in years the ability to see life – well, my life at least, clearly and without the impurities of my ever so monotonous city life.

So to conclude: I think taking a break from life every once in a while makes all the difference in the world. So stop for a minute, get off the rat wheel and take a look at your own life from an outsider’s standpoint. You never know, you might just find your calling.

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