How can Online Gaming Nurture Children’s Imagination?

By: Fatima Salahuddin

Many parents think of gaming as a wild way to waste time — but according to researchers, this simply isn’t true. Experts say that gaming actually improves the human brain’s capability to absorb new information and make it sharper. The years-old “fact” that gaming wastes time, is nothing but a myth, as in-game elements have shown to provide useful benefits.

Though gaming can be beneficial for adults as well, children are the ones who feast on the entire set of benefits of gaming. Modern online games promote competition and let children develop new problem-solving techniques, a nice and easy method that offers mental stimulation.

There are several reasons why video games can be great boosters for imagination, and below are a few!

Games like Minecraft boost creativity

We can all agree we’ve heard of Minecraft every now and then. Even if you haven’t played it yourself, you may have at least heard of it at some point. It’s a game that took over the online community for several years.

Make a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of tutorials by well-known players teaching how to build massive structures. Minecraft enables children to build their design and creative skills by putting together huge in-game structures. These structures in Minecraft are limited only by the imagination of the players, and as they get experienced at it, this imagination increases more and more.

Racing games train your focus

Online racing games like Need for Speed, GRID, and Asphalt are competitive games where players race each other on the road. You might have heard about at least one of them.

Racing games are known to improve the player’s focus. By constantly keeping their eyes on the road, dodging oncoming traffic and overtaking opponents, players learn to focus on the task ahead and stay on it until the finish line.

Shooting games improve reaction time

FPS (first-person shooter) or TPS (third-person shooter) games are competitive online games where players have to fight and take down each other. Prime examples of these games are the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, and Modern Combat series.

While playing such games, players have to immediately react to opponents appearing on their screen. By doing so, children’s reaction time to potentially harmful situations improves.

RPG games educate players about historic events

Many historic games take players back to past events and provide information about well-known events. However, the most prominent example of such games is the Assassin’s Creed franchise. This series of games takes the players back to ancient times.

Players learn about and even visually see ancient monuments in cities like Rome and France. The newer additions to the Assassin’s Creed series also have a multiplayer mode where many players can explore the vast-open world together.

By exploring events and monuments from the past, children acquire the ability to connect dots between past and present, ultimately helping them in boosting creativity and imagination in the long run.

Note: To create the best gaming experience, you might consider dedicating a room of your own solely for gaming. You can invest in home additions that will allow you to enjoy your games without any disruption from your family members or roommates.

Open-world games let players take different roles and explore the world

No gaming list is complete without a mention of GTA (Grand Theft Auto), a series of open-world games that let players take the role of different personas and explore the modern world.

The latest addition to the GTA franchise is GTA 5. Released in 2013, this game has a record of being the most profitable game in history, even breaking the record of every movie on the market. Players get to roam around in the city of Los Santos, California and experience different aspects of the world in real-time.

GTA also has a wide set of cheat codes to make the game more fun and interesting. Most players write these codes in documents and use them in the game whenever needed. I recommend converting your cheat code documents to PDFs and thinking of file sharing ways so you don’t lose or edit these files accidentally.

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