Morocco In Paris: From Hammams To Tea Spots, Here’s Where You Can Live The Meghreb Experience


When it comes to travel junkies, there’s no better dream than to have your feet in two different countries at once. A seemingly farfetched dream? No, it’s one of those dreams you can actually check off your bucket list! In case you don’t know, there’s a small version of the beautiful nation of Morocco, right in the heart of Paris— with lots of Moroccan gems! For those who intend to spend some time in the capital of France, you should never miss out on visiting some of the best Moroccan places that take over the streets of Paris. If you were looking for a starter guide, look no further, because we’ve compiled for you some of the best Moroccan places in Paris.

From hammams to restaurants, tea rooms, and cafes, we’ve got it all for you.

Grand Mosque De Paris

There’s no better start than to visit the Grand Mosque of Paris that is considered one of the prime locations for anyone looking to have a full-on Moroccan experience. Built back in 1920, the mosque is as classic as it can get.

The mosque boasts a number of different spaces, from a tearoom in a salon designated with colorful mosaics and Moroccan decorations to an authentic Moroccan hammam (steam room), The grand mosque is a Moroccan harbor by all means.

In the spring, the Paris Grand Mosque is even more stunning. The gardens bloom with beautiful flowers, and the sun shines brightly on the white walls. The ideal time to visit is in May on a clear day; the minaret will appear even more brilliant against a background of beautiful skies. May is an excellent month to take advantage of the pleasant weather while avoiding the tourist flow, which increases between mid-June and Sept.

Located at 2bis Pl. du Puits de l’Ermite, 75005, the mosque is sure to stun you every time with its designs and birds often hovering over the place as you’re sipping on your Morrocan tea. The Mosque is, by all means, exquisite and also Instragammable.

Le Méchoui du Prince

“What a gem!” That’s how one of the visitors described his experience at this Paris-based Moroccan restaurant. For 46 years, Le Méchoui du Prince has been boasting an authentic atmosphere of the Arabian Nights to help you get immersed in a cultural ambiance. Their average price list is €32.

Chefs offer the great classics of Moroccan cuisine: sweet and savory tagines, couscous, and pastillas. Their tagines and juicy lambs offered in their set menu are foods that will definitely get your stomach singing. You can satisfy your cravings at their place located at 36 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006. This is a wonderful restaurant with a great atmosphere and very good food. The staff is super friendly and they will guide you into a fabulous experience of traditional Moroccan food. P.S: definitely try the tagines.

Founti Agadir

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A beautifully decorated Moroccan resto located in the rue Monge in the Quartier Latin. The restaurant serves some of the best tagines, grills, tea, and desserts that visitors vouch for. They offer diets that are vegetarian, and Halal, and include various vegan options. If you check their ratings online, you’ll find the evaluation of the food, service, and ambiance so impressive. The avarice price is €33. The people working at Founti Agadir make you feel like you are a guest in their home. Also, very friendly and laid-back atmosphere with awesome traditional Moroccan meals.

Le Timgad

Adorned with fine stuccowork, Le Timgad has surely put the time and effort into perfecting its Moroccan identity. Moroccan specialties like tagines and couscous will be offered to you in a vibrant setting. The resto is well-known for its unmatched couscous! This jewel of Moroccan cuisine in Paris is located at 21 Rue Brunel, 75017. A lot of the guests claimed that the grilled lamb shoulder is a must.

Hammam Medina Centre

Another magical Moroccan hammam located in the capital is the Hammam Medina Paris. It rightfully earned its place as a go-to spot when searching for an astounding Moroccan spa offering an Arabian Nights atmosphere. Want to have a little escapism with a touch of oriental vibes? You know where to head to 43 Rue Petit, 75019. However, bear in mind that most of the employees there don’t speak much English. Also, massages may require appointments and you can’t miss the mint tea they make there.

Le 404

Want to spend an extravagant night out surrounded by the smell of the most marvelous Moroccan food and hot beverages? The food in Le 440 just feels like a Moroccan home, and their lentils and chicken tagines, are no exception. It’s not just about the food tho, as it’s also a very good place where you can party. They’re located at 69 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003. Keep in mind that Le 404 is also open on Sundays, which is a Parisian rarity.

Le Marrakech

Since we’re flaunting our favorite Moroccan restos, this one had to land on our list. Le Marrakech managed to establish itself as one of the best Moroccan-cuisine serving restaurants. From appetizers and desserts of good portions to tagines and lambs that visitors swear by, the restaurant has so many legs to stand on in terms of quality and quantity. Book yourself a table at their place, and you’ll guarantee an authentic Murrukech night.

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