Models and Celebrities Who Love to Play Bingo

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Most of the celebrities out there understand what ordinary people enjoy at the bingo tables. Most of them realize that there is a lot of fun to be had there and that some good money could be won. That is why some of the most popular amongst them enjoy bingo games too. 

While some do this to add some money to their pockets for private use, some others use it to raise money for charity and some other good causes. Whether it’s visiting your local bingo hall or buying the newspaper to check the Sun Bingo numbers for today, bingo is an incredibly broad type game that everyone can get involved in.

Below is a list of the 10 best celebrities who enjoy time at the bingo tables!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

When this Welsh actress was young, she fell in love with bingo. She even went ahead to creatively come up with a set of custom bingo balls and cards to enable her to enjoy games whenever she feels like, even before she achieved fame. She was able to get her husband Michael Douglas in line too, and now, they use most of the holidays to hold family bingo games where they play with cards that are exclusively designed for the occasion.

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Kate Moss

She has been a fan of the bingo games as much as we can remember. This dates back to her pre modeling days. So, before she became an actor and a regular face at the night clubs, she was always at the bingo tables in England. However, with the arrival of the online games, she will rather enjoy bingo games online with her children during the weekends.

Russell Crow

Many people still see him as one of the best actors. While having a lot on his calendar almost always, he never fails to make out time for bingo games. This Australian celebrity was always calling bingo in his home country even before he gained popularity.

Courtney Cox

Fame came to Courtney after the NBC’s sitcom “Friends,” where she starred as Monica Geller. But before then, she has always enjoyed bingo games in her town of Birmingham in Alabama. Presently, she is always indulging in girl’s night outs at the bingo halls with her friends Ricki Lake and Paris Hilton.

Robbie Williams

The British musician’s love for bingo games is common knowledge. His love for the game is exemplified in the fact that he enjoys inviting his fellow celebrities to play and raise money for charity with it. They either host the games in their houses or at public events, and the money goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity or Babies with AIDS.

Denise van Outen

Bingo is one of the most loved games in England, and one of those who enjoy it here is Denise van Outen. Before he got the roles that made him famous in movies, he was always enjoying bingo at home. In some cases, she even visits the local bingo hall at Essex.

Sharon Osbourne

She is known as one of the most enlightened bingo enthusiasts, and she is always hanging with others like her. It got to the level where she set up an online bingo site where she shares information about the game to people.


Bono is the next rock star that bingo captivates. He is Irish and a member of the band U2. The love even made him stake in a local cafe at one time. He was always seen at Mr. Pussey’s Café in Dublin which always turns into a bingo hall when food is not sold. On many occasions, he goes there with celebrity friends like the model Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington to enjoy bingo there.

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman’s love for bingo surprised many people. At the exclusive estate in Richmond, England, where his luxurious home is located, he always organizes large bingo parties.

HRH Prince William

This completes the English people’s love for bingo. Growing up in the royal family means that you must bring the fun close to home, and Prince Williams always does so. His bingo is normally between Prince Philip and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is also said that while he was in the military, he was always having a good time playing bingo.

This shows that a lot of celebrities enjoy bingo games, albeit for different purposes.  However, one thing we cannot discountenance is that all of them have different degrees of love for the bingo game, irrespective of the course they choose to play it for.

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