Latest Technology Trends In Sales and Marketing

Technology is revamping the sales and marketing process by helping sales and marketing team generate more leads and convert prospects into customers. Technologies such as CRM or revenue intelligence platforms are proving to be very effective in promoting revenue growth. Salespeople and marketers can leverage technology to improve visibility, generate more leads, and even build a solid relationship with prospects and customers.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the top technology trends in sales and marketing that can help businesses reach a wider audience, generate more leads, and improve their sales. Let’s get started!

Voice search

While voice search isn’t relatively a new thing in the market, it is expected to grow and improve. More people now prefer voice search on smartphones over typing their questions in search engines. Voice search has the potential to help marketers generate more leads and boost their sales. This is why it is important to implement it in your marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence [AI]

Artificial Intelligence is not new, but only a few people understand it and have integrated it. AI can be of significant help to salespeople and marketers. It has the potential to help sell and market in a more relevant and personalized manner. AI technology can analyze data very quickly. Of course, when clean and accurate data is fed into the system, the results will be incredible. Businesses that implement AI can save on costs while accelerating growth, and stand out from the crowd.


Video usage in marketing is also becoming quite popular with each passing day. It has the potential to bring higher engagement rates compared to texts. It is quite easy for consumers to understand a demonstration of how a product works instead of reading about it.

According to Hubspot, putting a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%, while adding video to an email increases the click-through rate by up to 300%. So if you haven’t implemented video into your marketing strategy, this is the perfect time to do so.

Social media

Social media is also taking marketing by storm. It is proving to generate more sales than ever. That’s because millions of people across the globe have social media accounts and spend a considerable amount of time on these platforms.

In this day and age, any business without a social media presence is losing a lot. A business must have a social media platform account, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where they can interact with their consumers. It is also not just having a social media account, you must be active on it too. You need to post relevant and informative content. Remember that the key to succeeding in social media is modifying your content to suit the needs and personality of your audience.


Automation saves time spent on repetitive tasks, letting marketers and sales teams focus on marketing, selling, and closing deals. So this is a technology that businesses must implement if they want to market their products and services to a broader audience and boost their sales.

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