Interesting Connections: Seven Unusual Dating Apps

Mobile gadgets have simplified our lives as much as possible: now, with just a little finger, you can not only call a taxi of the color you want and rent a villa on the other side of the world but even arrange a personal life. Wondering how? The list below will tell you about all these intricacies.

1.  Double-Double

This app is created specifically for those who do not trust the Internet in matters of love or are afraid to meet new mail order brides face-to-face. The creators of the app offer to arrange double dates, so if you register in a Double-Double, do not forget to send an invitation to a friend.

2.  Prince

Just by the name of the app, the whole concept becomes clear: men will be able to feel like real princes, and women, respectively, princesses. Potential princes attach any offer to their photos that may interest girls or respond to already formulated desires, whether it is a cuddly toy or dinner in a luxury restaurant.

3.  Happn

This app differs from a million others in that it is based on the interaction of people in real life. It uses your location data to find people who frequently cross your paths, i.e. people who use similar routes every day. One should agree, this makes the prospect of a possible meeting with the interlocutor much more real.

4.  Raya

The Raya app is almost the most secret dating service in the world. That’s understandable because the contingent of the application is appropriate: actors, directors, musicians, photographers, and many other interesting people of creative professions. To pass the strict face-control in Raya, you need to either provide a recommendation from a member already admitted to this community or show you are necessarily popular and promoted on Instagram. Attention, spoiler! Cara Delevingne, Sharon Stone, Alexander Wang, Matthew Perry, and other rich and famous people have already been noticed among the active users of the app.

5.  Tastebuds

Tastebuds is a mobile app that brings people together based on their music preferences. You just specify your favorite artists, and the service finds interesting people for you. Besides, with the help of Tastebuds, true music fans can even organize meetings with other users at concerts.

6.  Hater

Between love and hate… This is probably what the creators of the Hater app were based on. The service matches pairs based on what people hate. And it really works: conversations about how someone can’t stand capers or the politics of Donald Trump have already connected thousands of people around the globe.

7.  ParkFace

The Park Face app is designed for those who want to spend their free time outside their home. Here you can view the poster of city events, opening hours of parks, ice rinks, and other public spaces where you can go for a walk or picnic with another user. Now the app can only be useful for residents of big cities.

Geolocation radius, plans for the evening, favorite places, gender, age, hobbies, the purpose of communication — what else new criteria can the creators of mobile apps come up with to help us find the second half?

WE SAID THIS: Have you tried any dating apps? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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