How to Recover Data From External Hard Disk

External hard disks have reduced the difficulty of storing massive files and data backup. People from all professions are going to depend on this device gradually due to the unavoidable advantages. 

They are moveable, cheaper, and long-lasting as well. Though PC and laptops now come with massive storage, nothing can defeat the portability of carrying terabytes of files. 

The setback occurs when it stops working and you are clueless about things to do. However, if you understand the issue as well as the solution, you can prevent losing all important data. In this article, we will share the process of recovering the external hard disk data. Let’s go through the write-up.

How to identify the hard drive damages

At first, you must understand the exact problem of a hard drive. Some most common failures are as follows.

# Data loss 

Data loss occurs when software applications are poorly written and infected by viruses. 

# Stopped spinning

The most common reason for this failure is a voltage spike when the voltage increases suddenly for a very short while.

# Beeping noise

Hard drive beeping is a sign of serious internal damage to a hard drive. You should go to a professional for fixing it.

# Can’t be accessed

If your PC detects the hard drive but cannot access and see the files, that ensures your file system is damaged. 

# Not found

On the other side, if your computer cannot detect the external hard drive, it means either the motherboard doesn’t support it or the USB cable is destroyed. 

Untold Way of Recovering data

You can restore your data from a damaged hard drive to determine the failure and know the actions required. 

We can split hard drive recovery in two parts.

  • Physical damage recovery
  • Data restoration.

If you have no idea of wiring and mechanical basics, do not attempt to open it. You should go to an expert for a better solvent. However, data recovery can be possible at home if you can access the drive.

The data recovering process may include:

  • Restoring files that are deleted
  • Recovering files from a formatted drive
  • Recovering data that are corrupted

You will find tons of data recovery software to accomplish the task safely. Most of them are able to recover your data from the damaged external hard disk completely. 

We mention Recuva, a widely used data recovery software with both a free and paid version. Find it on the internet and download it.

After installation, Open it and click the “Next.” Recuva will ask you to select the file type you would like to recover. Choose one, for instance, “Pictures.” You can choose your preferred drive where the files will be restored. If you select “Enable Deep Scan,” Recuva will start finding deleted files strongly. Note that a deep scan may take time. Now click on “Start” for the scan.

You should find and restore all deleted file following these steps. However, if it does not work, you may need to meet an expert.

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