How The Content Creations Impact the SEO?

In online marketing, we understand the creation of content such as the preparation of texts, images, videos, etc., that provide information to the user, with the aim of attracting traffic to a web page.

Making our content creation effective is not easy. A good layout is not enough or an article is well written, without errors. Digital content must be interesting, visual, and attractive and offer value to the user. This is essential in any strategy for the SEO positioning of the web page that we want to position in the search engines.

Also, do not forget that you are increasingly saturated with information, with a user-facing panorama of intoxication: that is why our content must stand out from the one generated by the competition. wordpens strategy helps you work smarter instead of working harder. Optimize resources, make you more efficient, and help you reduce your marketing budget.

That it is considered truly useful content, capable of solving a problem, seeking a solution, or satisfying a desire. 

What types of content can we create for a website?

At the moment, when we talk about creating digital content, we tend to focus on blog articles. Certainly, blogs are still very important to attract users to our website if the posts we publish are of interest.

But there is more. There are other formats that can help us to get traffic, to catch the consumer’s attention, in addition to the merely written one. And knowing the existence of these various formats and checking if they adapt to your SEO positioning strategy is in your hand.

We have before us an increasingly technologically prepared user with very varied tastes. There are those who love to read. There are those who spend a lot of time commuting in public transport with their helmets on. There are those who spend several hours a day getting digital content.

Improves SEO performance

One of the aspects that most influences how search engines position you is precisely relevant and original content. Constantly updated, with a good proportion of keywords. Quality content can optimize your website for long-tail keywords and will make readers and publishers link to you as a reference source. Precisely the latter, “the backlinks” that you get from quality pages, count in an important way for search engines to position you better.

Increase the quality and quantity of the leads obtained and reduce their acquisition cost

57% of companies that use blogs reported that they acquired customers through leads generated directly from their blog. Associating your company with the generation of useful and relevant content (original and curated) increases your chances of capturing the attention and perspectives of those who are actively seeking information about topics related to your area of ​​expertise.

Increases the credibility of the brand and strengthens the leadership position.

Your brand is what others say about you, it is your reputation. Credibility is a key ingredient in creating opportunities. Creating relevant and useful content can make your company an important source for the industry or sector in which you operate.

Every time they search for news or trends, you will make sure you are among their list of sources of information. This is a good way to position your brand as a leader and become an analyst or authority on the subject, which will encourage you to be invited for interviews, speakers at events, and collaborations with third parties.

Reduces the costs of content creation.

Since you are aware of what is happening in the sector in which you operate, it is easier for you to identify strategic themes, create and promote content that resonates with your readers. In one hand you don’t need to spend time and money creating mediocre content and, on the other hand, your original and relevant content will create a greater impression on your audience. This will significantly affect the number of times it will be shared and, therefore, the impact will be greater.

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