Home Essentials: Why Does Every House Need a Good Security System?

You might have already thought about getting a security system for your home, but you are not sure if it should be a basic one, or should you go for some kind of an upgraded version. Then, you wonder what are the exact benefits and is it actually worth the trouble (the fees, the installation process, false alarms, etc).

For many people, the price is usually the main issue. But the matter of the thing is, it could cost you a lot more not to get it. If you are still on the fence about equipping your home with a security system, here are some reasons that might help with tipping that scale.

Protection from intruders

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This is the main reason and the first one that comes to mind when you think about security systems, it provides protection from potential burglars. Having just a simple alarm system already makes your house less likely to be broken into.

The sound of an alarm might scare off the intruder right away, but in cases that it doesn’t, it will serve as a warning system for you and your family to get to a safe location. It will also alert your neighbors, as well as the authorities.

Protection from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning

Certain kinds of security systems can also provide protection from things like house fires and leaking gas. And it can do a better job than your average smoke alarms since it can offer an early warning.

How exactly does that early warning system work?

Even before the smoke, it can detect the source of heat which can be an indication of a fire building inside. So this device serves as early fire prevention. It can also contact the authorities, so you can be sure that the fire department will be on their way as soon as possible.

When it comes to carbon monoxide detectors, it is a device that can be bought separately or as a part of a security system. What makes this gas so dangerous is the fact that it can not be detected without the proper detector. It is an odorless and colorless gas that can be released by a number of household objects.

Since this device is able to alert the emergency service dispatch at the earliest hint of carbon monoxide poisoning it is quite obvious that it should be a crucial part of your home security system.

Protecting your valuables

It goes without saying that the safety of you and your family is paramount. But, the home security system also protects your valuables and your possessions in general. Even though they are just material objects, you worked hard to be able to afford them so it is completely normal that you want to make sure your belongings are safely stored within your home. 

In case you have particularly valuable things (or things that have special sentimental value) you might want to consider installing a home safe. An alarm system in combination with a home safe and preferably a good resolution camera are the best way of keeping your belongings safe, while also providing visual documentation that can serve as evidence in catching the perpetrator.

Being able to monitor your house remotely

This is an especially useful option for when you are out of town. No matter where you are, you can check up on your home at any time, as long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and a decent internet connection.

Depending on the type of security system package that you install, there are so many different features. You can potentially disable the alarm, control the cameras and motion detectors, turn the lights on and off, manage air conditioning and thermostat, etc. It gives you complete control over your home (and could also create an illusion that someone is still home, discouraging intruders) all while you are away, and all by the click of a button.

Having someone else to always monitor your house

When you are enabled to monitor your house while you are away, there are services that can do it for you. They monitor your house at all times, looking for any kind of a change such as alarms, or smoke/carbon monoxide detectors going off, any sign of an intruder, significant drops or increases in temperature, etc. 

If anything seems out of the ordinary, they dispatch an emergency service. For some people, this doesn’t seem like a necessary option and they might stick to a more basic version of the security system. But for some, it might be a very desirable feature. Just ask yourself what is the top home security system? By doing a bit of research you will easily find a security system that best suits your needs.

Easy access to medical assistance in the case of emergency

This device works as a sort of an alert button (or cord). In the case of a medical emergency, it immediately dispatches an emergency service to your home. This is especially important if you are living alone or you have elderly, sick, or special needs family members that are living alone.

As you know, in these types of situations, time is of the essence so having this device as a part of your home security system can be a life-saver.

Homeowner’s insurance benefits

This type of insurance is usually (but not always) a mandatory part of the house purchasing process and the cost of it can vary, depending on various factors. And while some people consider it to be a waste of money, it is a good thing to have, just in case.

One way to lower the cost is to have a home security system. In that case, insurance companies offer discounts on the insurance policy. The size of that discount again depends on the type of security system you have installed. It is quite simple, the more upgraded the system, the bigger the discount.

A good way to lower your electricity and energy consumption

Home automation goes beyond your basic security system and not all security companies can offer it. But if you decide to get this feature, it means that you can control the lighting, the temperature, and even small household appliances.

Turning everything off before you leave the house is an excellent way to save up some energy. And yet, it can all be turned on just before you come back, so you can arrive at a comfortable home.

Providing you with a peace of mind

You have so many things on your mind on a daily basis that having one less thing to worry about would be such a relief. Installing a home security system will provide you with exactly that, regardless of your living situation, whether you live alone or with your family.

You will be able to sleep better knowing that your house and everyone (and everything) in it is well-guarded and protected.

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