Here Are The Hottest Boiler Room Sets in the Arab World!

Via Wonderland Magazine

The world of music is full of wonders and adventures because there is literally no limit to what people can do with it! You’d be amazed by the unique, interesting, localized music that comes out of the most unlikely of places.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw “Palestine Underground”, a super cool documentary about the underground Techno, Trap, and Hip-hop music scene in Occupied Palestine.

The documentary is by Boiler Room, a global online music broadcasting platform commissioning and streaming live music sessions around the world. Boiler Room was founded in London, England, the UK back in 2010, and since then they have hosted shows in around 100 cities worldwide, from Stockholm to Shanghai! Boiler Room made an appearance with shows in several cities in the Arab World including, of course, Palestine! Here are some of our favorite Boiler Room sets from the Arab World; check them out and let us know what you think.


Hands down, this is the most successful Boiler Room set in the Arab World, and arguably one of the best in the history of the platform! The set that Sama’ played in Boiler Room Palestine garnered over one million views, and it’s easy to guess why! Sama’ is one of the pillars of the thriving music scene in Palestine, and indeed she succeeded in shedding light on it.

Islam Chipsy

One of our favorite sets in Boiler Room Cairo was by the International Egyptian Musician, Islam Chipsy! Chipsy is a pioneering Electro Shaabi star that shapes and identifies the Egyptian Shaabi music. He recently joined forces with Egypt’s leading Rapper, Abyusif to produce one of the most popular hits of 2018, “Ana mesh Ha2adar 7ad”! The song garnered over two million views on Facebook and over 800K on YouTube, and it featured Shaaban Abdelrehim.

Jazar Crew

Another super cool set from Boiler Room Palestine was crafted by the revolutionary Jazar Crew! Jazar Crew is a DJ Duo that aims to provide a safe space dancefloor for the Palestinian youth. The duo is trying to breathe new life into the regional music scene by organizing parties where young Palestinians can momentarily forget about the conflict.


Tala is one of the leading House DJs in Lebanon! Her set in Boiler Room Beirut definitely took the whole day to a whole new level of awesomeness. You can see from the video how everyone in the crowd was hyped by her chill, yet intense, tunes.

Nosaj Thing

Boiler Room Dubai didn’t only have cool local artists, but big international names as well. That included the super talented and accomplished Nosaj Thing! He is an American record producer based in Los Angeles, California, from Korean origins.

Maalem Mohamed Kouyou

Performances like that of Maalem Mohamed Kouyou in Boiler Room Marrakech are why Boiler Room is followed by millions of people around the world! Because Boiler Room definitely digs deep into the different cultures to get unique and interesting content like this!

Honorable Mentions: Electro Chaabi

This video was just posted by Boiler Room’s 4:3, a platform for underground film that explores themes of performance, identity, and youth culture. The video is of a super lit Electro Chaabi party that took place in downtown Cairo!

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