Gambling Versus Age group: The different Age Group and Their Gambling Styles

Some gamblers argue that gambling has nothing to do with age and should be open to everyone. Since you know right from wrong and you can be accountable for your actions, you should also be allowed to gamble. While this is true, the required gambling age is pegged at 18 and above. 

The gambling age is divided into three principal fractions: children (age ten and above), Adults (24-55), and seniors. The advent of online casinos on mostly smartphones has helped increase the rate of underage gambling. However, it also has its pros. Most seniors prefer going to physical casino houses to place bets. At the same time, they catch up with an old friend – more like a rendezvous to chit chat, relax and reconnect with old friends. 

Children (10 and above): 

The internet made more children and young adults have access to gambling activities online. In general, social media and the internet project gambling as a transition from being a youth to an adult while making money swiftly and effectively. There are benign gambling sites where parent sees them as usual since its legal. Research shows that children exposed to gambling at age 10 are four times prone to being problem gamblers in the nearest future. However, it should be noted that there’s no such thing as innocence when a child is exposed to gambling at a tender age.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey carried out by Delaware in 2015, children exposed to gambling may also participate in having risky sex, using prescription drugs, texting while driving, etc.

Adults (24-55):

Individuals in this category are regarded as young adults and young seniors. However, they are working and getting allowances and income; they mostly use discretional funds to gamble. There’s, however, nothing wrong with it, just like gambling in children. It is done minimally and responsibly. It’s sure can be an extra stream of income. Peradventure, you have skills in card games, or you are the lucky type, and you should try visiting casino genie to select your preferred platform to play online casino games. An approximate value of 5% of individuals in this class experience problem gambling. This problem, however, could develop into emotional trauma, financial and or occupational damage. 

The causes of problem gambling for this age group could include any of the following:

  • Possibility of long term gambling before it became a problem 
  • Gambled on many occasions without being censored 
  • Difficulty accepting gambling as a problem when it becomes a habit. 

This age group is mostly attracted to gambling as a means of entertainment – similar to seeing a movie at the cinema or going to the club with friends. Unfortunately, when these activities become uncensored, it turns into a pathological problem. 


As mentioned earlier, seniors are mostly the dominant customers in casino houses, especially physical casino houses. Since they are retired and living off government assistance and food stamps, most of them turn to gamble as a means of reconnecting with friends. Some even have gambling clubs where they rendezvous to share good memories over drinks and card games. You really can’t cut the fun from a roulette table filled with seniors. It’s stories upon stories. Casino centers were made for seniors such that some offer to take seniors on casino trips. Depending on the casino, they might provide free memberships and other VIP incentives such as alcohol, free meals, and transportation. However, the record shows that 5% of seniors are at risk of becoming compulsive gamblers. 

Gambling Styles to win real money amongst Children, Adult, and Seniors:

Ideally, the gambling styles differ from one age group to another. Most seniors are used to gambling offline (at casino outlets and houses), while young adults and children gamble online. The reason is not far-fetched. We are in the 21st century. Most seniors are used to the cultural pattern and find it difficult to adjust. Since it’s not all about seniors’ gambling, online casinos experience an influx of mostly young adults. 

  • Children: if peradventure your child is tech-savvy or grows up being on the tablets mostly, it’s only natural for him to understand the way of the internet. However, the internet is not bad but, the exposures and the graphical representation of gambling holograms sticks. Once the child is exposed to these things, he always finds ways to check them out. At a time, he doesn’t understand what the whole site is all about. As time goes on, he begins exploring. Before you know it, he’s got the hang of how it works and how to go about multiplying his stipends into a tremendous amount of money without little or no physical effort. However, online casinos restrict underage gambling, but once he can consent, the site opens up. Since it’s online, his identity is anonymous. 
  • Adults: Adults between the ages of 24 and 55 should utilize online gambling platforms the most, but they also suffer shortcomings. Since they can differentiate right from wrong, they should get the hang of gambling quickly. According to the statistic from a survey, 56.5% of young adults in the United Kingdom gambling online. But, most young adults experience hiccups and issues with gambling generally because of why they go about their day-day activity; they tend to pay less attention to gambling. On the contrary, except you are gambling for fun, you need to focus else, you’d lose all your money before you can understand what’s going on.
  • Seniors: Gambling for seniors is more entertainment than actual gambling. It cannot be compared to gambling in Adults or children. Most seniors don’t gamble online, although there’s a 7% increase in the total number of seniors that visit online casinos in the United Kingdom. According to the survey carried out in 2016-2020, the growth has been steady, but the increase is growing annually. Hence, there should be an increase of at least 10-15% in the total number of seniors visiting online casino gambling sites by 2025. Most seniors have been into gambling as early as age 12, meaning gambling has always been available since the first beginning before the advent of online casinos. 

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