From Waterslides To Rope Climbing, 5 Kid-Friendly Places In Sahel You Need To Check Out

Summer is that time of year when you just want to relax and pretty much empty your mind as much as possible, but for many kids, it’s the perfect time for fun! 

But what are the activities available and where? This is where this article comes in. Not only to help you find places to check out but also to pick the ones that are perfect for your kid.

M Beach Club

Located on the shores of Marina, M Beach Club isn’t just fun for your kids but the whole family considering there are several events throughout the summer. Activities ranging from inflatables to magic shows and drum circles, there’s something for anybody looking for fun in the sun. For more information call: +201050809970 or +201050809980.


Sane is creating kids-oriented activities all throughout the North Coast, including arts, crafts, baking lessons, water balloon fights, reading stories, and more. They do these pop-up events all over Sahel, appearing in Diplo, Bianchi, and Diwan, just to name a few. For more information, you can call them on +201156948295.

Art Cafe

Situated deep within Sidi Heneish resort, this cafe offers a unique experience, painting by the sea. But the fun doesn’t stop there since the venue also offers art classes that would do wonders, bringing out the artist hiding within your kids! For more information call: +201227050753.

Grip ‘N Climb

Kids love to climb over stuff, so Amwaj figured out a way to make it fun with Grip ‘N Climb. A family experience at their Rivette Mall, kids can climb, zip line, swing from hanging ropes, and cross net bridges to their hearts’ content, all under safety supervision, of course. For more info, call +201033622146.

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Marseilia Aqua Park

There’s nothing like cooling down in some fresh water during the summer heat, and Sahel’s Marseilia Aqua Park is the perfect place to do that. From pools to slides of all shapes and sizes, Marseilia is a great place to be for all ages. Just don’t forget to bring your swimming trunks! For more information, call 16417.

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There’s no shortage of places to check out this summer in Sahel, sandy beaches, restaurants, and events; that being said, it’s so much better to experience it as a family.

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