From France To Saudi Arabia: Iftar Times From Around The Globe

Fasting is an important element of Ramadan, as Muslims abstain from food and drinks, as well as other sins, in order to substitute them with good deeds and charity. Muslims, however, live all over the world, and the number of hours they fast varies from country to country and area to region. Therefore, we’ve prepared a guide for Muslims around the world that outlines how long they’ll be fasting during this holy month. While we won’t be able to cover every country in the world, we will concentrate on some nations from various parts of the world.

Indonesian Muslims will fast for 13 hours, whereas French Muslims will fast for roughly 17 hours. Muslims in China will fast for 16 hours, which is also a significant amount of time! There are, however, a variety of things to do, such as reading your favorite book, watching a movie, or even cleaning your room! Saudi Arabian Muslims, on the other hand, will fast for 15 hours. Additionally, Muslims in South Africa will fast for 12 hours, which is not horrible at all.

Fasting causes time to slow down, and we all crave food and drinks more than anything else. Although the length of time varies from country to country, we are all thinking about breaking our fast and how quickly the time will pass. Diversifying your activities and effectively managing your time is crucial to passing the time and getting straight to the meal!

WE SAID THIS: Whether you’re in China or Saudi Arabia, you will break your fast at a different time!