Four of the Latest CBD Trends

What was once known as a Schedule 1 drug, is now commonly being used for various purposes by many for health benefits. Most states in the US have legalized the use of cannabis for medical reasons. Still, only a few of them have allowed their residents to consume it for other purposes.

If you look over the past few decades, there has been a significant improvement on the stand of CBD. Many people are aware of their benefits, and they are storming the stores or websites in search for CBD products. Many entrepreneurs have started to invest money in the cannabis business, and the industry is quickly growing. Many people have begun to grow for personal use as well because it is considerably easy, and i49 has more information that can help you grow your batch too. 

Here are four trends you are very likely to see in the CBD industry:

Extremely High Growth Rate

The craziest trend is the growth rate of CBD. In the places where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized, many people have been purchasing the products. The sales rate is growing exponentially.

Among the top reasons for the increase in demand is that more people are searching for organic products that can help with their illnesses and injuries. You can already see that the health and wellness industry is over a trillion dollars’ worth, with a lot of potentials to grow. That is why people have been loving CBD.

Currently, the biggest markets are North America, Western Europe, South America, and East Asia. However, Canadian companies have quickly been taking over since it is completely legalized there.

Better Standards

When CBD first started out, its quality standards were not controlled. There were many issues with mislabeling and the overall quality of the products. The markets were flooding with new suppliers. Everyone wanted a piece of the CBD pie. That was also affecting the benefits of CBD. People were not able to get their desired benefits because there were not efficient quality control methods on the products. 

However, CBD has taken a turn for the better. Many manufacturers are offering higher quality products, as they are here to make a name for themselves. They are planning a long-term business and offering the best products. Other smaller companies are also gaining a reputation by providing details on their plants’ background. Listing where it was grown, how it was stored, and additional information that assures its quality can be beneficial for the consumers to trust a brand. 

Increase in CBD Functional Water

Via Eater

The main reason why there is a significant growth in the CBD products is because of its health properties. People nowadays are switching from regular fizzy and sweetened drinks to more beverages, including functional water.

Functional water is like regular water with herbs, vitamins, or minerals added for more benefits. The CBD functional water doesn’t only benefit, but also tastes good. Seeing how standard cannabis has become, many more people were also willing to give it a go. 

Wider Range Of Products

Before, there were only a few CBD products. But mostly, people only went for the cannabis buds and smoked them to get the benefits.

Things have changed now, as there is a much larger variety of the CBD products available in markets and online for consumers to purchase. Manufacturers are coming up with brilliant ways to mix marijuana with plenty of other more commonly used things, like vape oil.

Currently, you can get tinctures, edibles, oils, sublingual, and other products. The demand by the consumers is very quickly increasing, and that is why the companies are developing as well.

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