Egypt’s Queen ISIS Boat Will be Officially Listed in the Guinness World Records for its Remarkable Viewing Experience

Egypt is home to some of the best glass boats ever. But the Egyptian Queen Isis boat is not like any other. It has the largest glass area in the Red Sea and the entire world. The boat was built and designed with the highest safety standards by some of the best marine boat builders in Egypt. They aimed to build the world’s best and safest glass boat ever, and so it was.

The boat is Egyptian-made and contains Pharaonic-era statues of Queen Isis. It is 25 meters long, can carry up to 60 people on board, and has a glass area of 32 square meters.

Queen Isis Trimaran – The Largest Glass window of the Red Sea …

Posted by Queen ISIS Trimaran on Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yesterday, it was announced that the Queen Isis boat will officially be listed on the Guinness World Records as the boat containing the world’s largest underwater viewing glass area. So if you’re looking for your next vacation, hurry up and make a reservation!

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