CBD Topicals: Explained

An increasing number of people are using CBD on a daily basis to replace their traditional artificial dietary supplements. Continuous research into CBD has shown that when it’s consumed regularly it can have a wide range of benefits to both mental and physical health. 

When people think of CBD, most will picture it as regular supplements like small bottles of CBD oil or capsules that can be taken in, but what people do not always realize is that CBD can also be used as a topical that provides many of the same health benefits as ingestible CBD.

Most brands, such as Purekana, have an entire section of online store that is solely dedicated to CBD topicals, with products ranging from CBD cream to CBD bath salts. And despite the growing number of CBD topicals available, most people do not understand the potential health benefits or how CBD topicals work. So, let’s take a closer look at what CBD topicals are and how they could benefit you.

What are CBD topicals?

The term ‘CBD topicals’ is used to cover a broad range of CBD products including; creams, bath bombs, and transdermal patches. CBD topicals refer to products in which CBD enters your skin rather than you ingesting it. The CBD contained within topicals enters the body through the skin and will typically affect the area that it has been applied to only, setting them apart from other forms of CBD which usually affect the entire body.

CBD topicals can be made using either CBD oil or concentrated CBD extract, depending on the topical. CBD creams, for example, tend to be made using concentrated CBD oil, which is mixed into the cream in the same way as other natural oils, such as lavender and almond essential oils. On the other hand, products like CBD bath bombs and bath salts are more likely to contain CBD extract, as these tend to be products that are not made using natural oils.

Just like CBD oils, companies can opt to use either full-spectrum or CBD isolate in their topicals. Although this is not required, but the type of CBD used should be stated in the product description or ingredient list.

How to use CBD topicals

CBD topicals are applied directly to the area of your body that you wish to treat with CBD. For example, if you are looking to reduce inflammation in your wrist, you will need to apply your chosen CBD topical to that specific area. 

CBD topicals can be used the same way as other creams and lotions. Apply your CBD cream to the area of skin that you want to target, and allow your skin to absorb the cream just like you would with regular moisturizers and creams. Once the CBD cream has been applied, it will be absorbed through the layers of your skin, and effects should be felt within a few minutes.

Not all CBD topicals are applied in this way; CBD bath bombs and bath salts work slightly different and, as a result, affect a much larger area. CBD bath products must first dissolve into the water, infusing your bath water with CBD and as you relax in the bath, the CBD within the water would slowly be absorbed by your skin, for much more subtle effects. 

Rather than CBD only affecting a small area of your body, as is the case with creams, bath bombs benefit all areas of skin that are in contact with the water.

Why use CBD topicals?

The main benefit of using CBD topicals is that you are able to apply the CBD to a particular area of your body without impacting your body’s internal systems. The CBD contained within topicals will only affect the surface that it is being applied to, meaning that you can treat mild skin irritations, aches, and pains without actually having to ingest CBD. 

CBD topicals can either be used to treat temporary issues such as mild pain or can be applied on a regular basis to treat chronic pain or long term skin conditions. Its ability to manage pain has been noticed in a myriad of different studies, including this one by Ethan B. Russo for the Journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management.

CBD moisturizers and lotions can even be used to replace your regular skincare products. For a nicer overall glow, treat your skin using a regular dose of CBD. 

A final thought on CBD topicals

CBD topicals are an excellent way to target particular areas of your body without having to worry about the effect of CBD on the rest of your body. As the results are localized, you can also use CBD topicals to apply an additional dose of CBD to an area of your body, alongside your regular CBD dietary supplements.

WE SAID THIS: The wide range of CBD topicals can allow you to choose precisely how you wish to incorporate CBD into your skincare routine, whether with a therapeutic CBD infused bath or as a daily moisturizer.

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