CBD Buying Guide – 4 Key Steps to Consider When Buying CBD

CBD is brand new to the market and has taken the world by storm. Surveys indicate that 1 in 7 Americans have tried the compound, and the market has exploded, with the CBD industry set to generate $22 billion by 2022.

Thankfully, there are many great online stores, like EZLief, which allow you to buy high-quality CBD at an affordable price. However, because it’s so new (it was only legalized in America in 2018), many Americans are confused about how to buy CBD. So, here are 4 key steps to consider when buying CBD.

Talk with your Doctor

One of the many pieces of good news about CBD is that it has become so popular because it appears to have limited negative side effects. According to a World Health Organization report, CBD is generally regarded as safe to use, non-addictive and show no signs of withdrawal for individuals who stop using it.

However, that’s not to say that you can take it without any risk. There is evidence to suggest that CBD interacts with a liver enzymes which may result in your body absorbing more of certain types of medication than is medically advisable. Furthermore, some types of illnesses, like liver disease, can be exacerbated with CBD use.

As such, there’s an important rule to follow with CBD: Talk with your Doctor before taking it. Treat CBD like you would another medication, and ensure with your medical professional that you aren’t taking any other type of drug – or suffering from any other illness – which could prohibit you from taking CBD.

Odds are, you’re good to go, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Decide what kind of CBD you want

All CBD’s are not created equal! Broadly speaking, there are three different types of CBD:

Full-spectrum: Contains all products found in CBD, including all naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the agent in marijuana which is typically responsible for intoxication). It is important to note that the amount of THC in legally produced CBD is never more than 3%, which is not enough to get an individual high.

Broad spectrum: Identical to full spectrum CBD except all THC has been removed.

Isolate: A powder-like substance that is completely CBD – and nothing else. It is the purest type of CBD available on the market.

Typically, isolate is used more for dabbing, and users usually stick to the full or broad spectrum. Some claim that full-spectrum CBD has an “Entourage Effect,” which essentially states that the inclusion of THC in CBD makes it more potent. There is conflicting evidence for the entourage effect, and the use of a full vs. broad-spectrum usually comes down to personal preference.

However, while no form of CBD will get you high, it is possible (though extremely unlikely) to test positive on a drug test if you consume enough CBD. This depends on a variety of factors, including your metabolism, height & weight, time of the test from last CBD consumption, the sensitivity of the drug test involved and your previous history of cannabis use (more use increases your likelihood of a positive test result). If you have concerns over a positive drug test, it is better to only use broad-spectrum CBD.

Decide how you want to ingest CBD

There are multiple ways to ingest CBD, each with its own weaknesses and strengths:

Pills can be swallowed and allow for easy control of dosage. However, they can take some time to take – as quickly as 20 minutes or as long as a couple of hours.

Edibles can be eaten and are often in a snack food, like gummies or chocolate. However, if you are watching what you eat or have a food allergy, this can present a problem. Furthermore, controlling for dosage may not be that easy, depending on the food you eat. Like pills, it can take edibles 20 minutes to two hours to work.

Vaping is the quickest way to ingest CBD, often taking no more than 10-20 minutes. Vape juices also come in a variety of flavors. However, there are serious long-term health risks associated with vaping, and black market equipment has been cited as the cause of numerous deaths.

Tinctures can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) and thus absorbed fast, often in no more than 25 minutes. They also come in a variety of different flavors, and since they come in an eye-dropper, you can easily determine an ideal dose.

Topicals like creams or balms can be applied directly to a sore spot. However, they can take some time to work, as they have to travel through the skin in order to get to your muscles. Furthermore, controlling for dosage with topicals can be very difficult.

Check the certificate of analysis – and make sure it has one

Unfortunately, the newness of the CBD market and the lack of consumer protections from the federal government has made this area ripe for abuse. A 2017 study by the University of Pennsylvania tested an array of products and found that nearly 70% were mislabeled, including for THC content.

As such, more reputable companies have turned to third party vendors to provide an independent Certificate of Analysis which examines the ingredients in your THC and lists the ingredients and their amounts accordingly.

When purchasing CBD, either from a retail or online store, you should always request to see the Certificate of Analysis. If none is available, do not buy the product, as you have no way of confirming its contents.

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