Casino Scratch Cards – A How To Guide with 7 Efficient Tips

Casino scratch cards are underrated. Because they’re not as flashy and aren’t usually what comes to mind when someone thinks about gambling or casinos, it can be easy to forget that scratch cards also lead to some of the biggest wins. 

Though most people associate scratch cards with the lottery, they’re also offered by many casinos. But why would anyone play scratch cards when they could be sitting in on an intense game of poker or watching the lights flash and wheels spin in their favorite slot machine?

Scratch cards are one of the simplest gambling games. And this is one of the main reasons for they’re popularity.

Because scratch cards are easy to understand, they can be enjoyed by anyone. They’re especially perfect if you’re looking for a game that’ll get your blood pumping but also just be pure fun, without having to think too hard or strategize. 

But despite their simplicity, scratch cards come in a variety of playing-forms that range from matching a few numbers to finding a special symbol. So, even if you’re growing bored of purchasing your usual scratch cards, you can switch it up and try something new.

Like other gambling games, people love scratch cards because they build excitement and anticipation. The feeling of scratching off the film and hoping to find the winning numbers or symbols can be thrilling, whether you’re winning a few dollars or a couple million (although becoming a millionaire is arguably much more exciting than winning five dollars). 

But if you’re a scratch-card fanatic or a more generally experienced gambler, you’re probably aware of the fact that the odds of winning are incredibly low. So, even if there are people out there winning millions of dollars, playing over and over again with few wins can be frustrating. Not only that but if you’re going to start or continue gambling, you can’t afford to be wasting all your money on losing tickets.

So, how do you increase your odds of winning? 

Seven tips to get more out of your scratch cards

1. Compare the odds

Don’t just buy a scratch card because of how big the jackpot is or because you’ve heard of the brand. If you’re looking to win, you need to be smart about which scratch cards you purchase.

According to Gambling News Magazine, in games like scratch cards and slots, which don’t require much skill or strategy, you can up your chances of winning by picking ones with better odds, while games like poker require specific skill sets. 

While many people assume that scratch cards are fundamentally the same, they’re actually not. Some scratch cards have better odds of winning. Although these odds usually refer to higher chances of winning small amounts here and there, when it comes to scratch cards, winning a lot of small sums will still give you a net win, as long as you know when to stop. 

So, even the small wins matter, not just the huge jackpots.

2. Invest in more expensive scratch cards

Not all scratch cards are created equal; this was the point of the last tip. But many scratch card companies also offer their own variety in which the odds can differ based on price, like slot machines.

While the idea of becoming a millionaire from a one-dollar purchase is the dream, buying the cheapest scratch cards isn’t going to increase your chances of winning. Because of this, it might take you a lot more cards to just break even. 

So even though getting the most expensive cards might be a waste of money, investing in at least slightly higher priced scratch cards will make a bigger difference than you’d think.

3. Buy more cards at the same time

According to Gamblers Daily Digest, one of the most common mistakes gamblers make is making their playing decisions based on previous outcomes. So it’s generally recommended to remind yourself that previous games don’t impact the current or future games. But this is not the case for scratch cards.

Despite all sharing a similarly simple game design, scratch cards differ from games like slots. More specifically, this means that the chances of winning can actually increase if you buy in bulk. This is because the scratch cards have already been created, and there is a certain number of winning tickets in each batch. So, if you buy more from the same batch, you’re more likely to win.

4. Keep track of other people’s wins and losses

Jumping off of tip number three, if you know that not many people have won recently, you might have a larger chance of winning. This is because if many people have purchased the losing cards, there is a larger percentage of winning cards among the ones that are left. Although the total number of winning cards haven’t increased, you at least know that there are fewer losing cards in the mix.

While knowing about the recent wins and losses may benefit you, you should be cautious of letting people know of your wins. In one case, a guy won $10,000 from a scratch card and couldn’t wait to tell his roommates. But when he went to collect his winnings, it wasn’t his ticket.

It turned out that one of his roommates stole his winning scratch card and tried to take the money for himself. And on top of that, they found out that he actually won $10 million.

5. Check how much you can actually win

If you’re trying to win big, you should stay updated on the current jackpot amounts. This is because, even if the largest amounts have been won already, you can still purchase scratch cards.

So, if you’re buying scratch cards thinking you might be able to win a million dollars, someone might’ve already won it. This will help prevent you from wasting your time on scratch cards that won’t help you reach your ultimate goal. 

But even if the largest sums have already been claimed, this doesn’t mean that you won’t win. It just depends on what you’re looking to gain. Though the biggest amount might’ve already been claimed, you can still win smaller amounts.

6. Have all your tickets checked – even the losing ones

Even if you think you checked your scratch cards and lost, you should still turn in your losing tickets. Although scratch cards are a relatively simple game, the rules can change depending on who’s making them, and so it can be easy to overlook some wins.

Turing in your losing cards will help you double-check and make sure you really did collect all your wins. At worst, you didn’t win any more than you thought. But on the off-chance that you made a mistake, you should turn in the losing cards anyways. 

7. Set limits for yourself

While this might not help you pick more winning scratch cards, setting monetary limits will ensure that you win in the long run.

Many simple, cheap gambling games can be addictive, and it can be difficult to know when to stop. Especially, because each round costs so little, it’s easy to tell yourself, “I’ll make it up with the next round!” But you might not.

Before gambling, in any capacity, you should set a budget. This can help you keep a net win or keep you from losing even more if you’re already at a net loss. 

Since their creation in the 1970s, scratch cards have been incredibly popular. Though not as popularized in the media or even in the gambling community like poker, slots, or roulette, scratch cards still induce feelings of excitement and the thrill of risk in many players. 

And even though people aren’t mobbing stores to buy scratch cards by the fistful or waiting in lines that span blocks like they did when the cards were first introduced, scratch cards are still just as fun to play. 

With these seven tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to start playing more efficiently and win more often. Not only can you use these tips to play at your local casino, but as Lucian Marinescu, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems puts it, “Online scratch cards have played a significant role in the growth of gambling’s digital presence. With online casinos producing new online scratch card games, soon enough they’ll be just as, if not more, popular than the original land-based cards.”

So, if you love scratch cards or are just getting started, the opportunities opening up in the scratch card world mean that these tips will be all the more applicable. 

We said this: Scratch and win with these 7 tips!