Busting Myths About Online Slots

Much like any other casino game, online slots are subject to various myths. Slot spinners have various beliefs they think will help them improve their chances of creating big wins, but most of them are just empty words with no real meaning behind them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths surrounding online slots and explain why they are not true. This will help you understand how online slot machines for real money work and what to expect from them. Read on!

Online Slot Machines Are Rigged

Many casino players refuse to play online video slots, believing they are rigged. This might be partly true, as some titles could be manipulated. However, the majority of them are not, especially the ones made by some of the most popular casino game developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

These developers have a great reputation for building excellent online slots that are often audited for fairness. Plus, all of them have random number generators (RNG), which makes them truly random and fair.

Most of these slots are found on reputable sites, such as ICE36, that offer online slots and other popular casino games. You can determine whether a site is reputable by checking its licenses and reviews.

On the other hand, if you stumble upon a suspicious-looking platform and you cannot recognize any of the names of software developers, you might want to do a thorough background check in order to make sure the games are not rigged.

“Max Bet” Increases Your Chances of Winning

The majority of online slots offer one very interesting button — Max Bet. It automatically sets your bet for the next spin to the maximum possible amount. There’s a word going around that players who bet maximum amounts usually have better overall odds compared to players who bet less. The truth is that the odds stay pretty much the same regardless of how much you bet.

All online slots must have an RTP percentage that is usually determined before the game is released. RTP stands for Return to Player and it shows how much of the total money invested in a game is returned via prizes. For example, if the RTP is 95%, the slot will award 95% of all money invested in it back to players. The 5% is basically the price we pay to play the game.

Therefore, even if you set your bet to maximum, the RTP will stay the same and your chances will not improve.

Hot and Cold Slots

Adjectives “hot” and “cold” are often used to describe various casino games, which you probably already know if you’re an avid casino player. Hot slots are the slots that have been generous toward players lately, whereas cold ones have failed to produce prizes recently.

Now, some players go after cold slots, hoping they will finally reward somebody, while others go after the hot ones while they’re still hot. Both of these things are entirely unfounded, as they overlook the fact that the element of luck cannot be manipulated.

Probability Depends on the Device You’re Using

Finally, some slot players believe that using mobile devices instead of desktop computers affects the probability of online slots. Although mobile apps have come a long way and paved the way for mobile casinos, that did not change the fact that mobile phones cannot affect the RTP in any way.

Once again, the element of luck is still the only thing that matters, and it cannot be meddled with by changing the device you’re using.

Instead of reading about these myths, you can have fun exploring various slot titles (there are hundreds of slots on the web nowadays). The only important thing is to accept that slots are games of chance and that every spin is an opportunity but also a risk.

On the other hand, not all casino games are based on chance alone. In fact, games such as baccarat and blackjack require skill, which means that your expertise can affect the final outcome.

We said this: Consider these myths BUSTED!

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