Best Bitcoin Trading Tips and Strategies for 2020

In recent years, the number of investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market has increased dramatically. Due to market volatility, most traders are actively involved in day trading. In addition, long-term investors are also making huge profits from the market.

Though the number of Bitcoin traders is growing every day, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. And they’re trying to make money from the market by following different strategies. A lot of guys in the Bitcoin Aussie System have made remarkable profits by following some strategies. In this post, you will learn about those strategies and apply them to make significant profits.

The HODL Strategy

One interesting story about the “HODL” strategy is that the name coined by the misspelling of the English word “HOLD.” This misspelling has become popular since 2013 when a drunken trader posted a comment on a platform called Bitcointalk. But a lot of bitcoin traders have adopted the strategy. HODL strategy means you’ve been holding bitcoins for a long time without selling them.

This is the simplest and most reliable long-term strategy among all other strategies. You do not require any skills or expertise to apply this in your investment plan. It was one of the oldest strategies since the launch of the Cryptocurrency market. Many beginners and seasoned traders also adopt this strategy because it does not require any technical analysis or any kind of complex research.

However, in order to make it more effective, you can follow news and events about the cryptocurrency market. Along with a good understanding of the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins that will help you make profitable investment decisions.

Technical Analysis Strategy

Today, the number of traders in the cryptocurrency market is increasing. They follow different strategies to make money out of the market. As the Bitcoin market is volatile, which means that the price of Bitcoin moves randomly and significantly, attracting more traders to make money. Because the volatile market is a good opportunity for traders, and they can make money if the price of the bitcoin changes in any direction.

Investing in bitcoins is a good way to make money from the digital currency market, but it takes a long time without any specific results. But in day trading or short-term trading, you can make money on the same day. However, some skills and a certain degree of expertise are required for day trading. One of the biggest advantages of day trading is that you can make money in both cases, whether the price of bitcoins is falling or rising.

Bitcoin Trading Tips

  •  Learn the trends and patterns of the chart, but follow only a few trends and charts.
  • Always try to enter and exit trades near “Support and Resistance Levels”
  • Keep in mind that the “Trend is your friend” means to enter into a trade when you anticipate that a new trend has set up.
  • Avoid trading if you find that the market remains at a point and does not move in any particular direction.
  • One last tip, keep your strategy simple and execute it with discipline.


Now you can follow the strategies and apply them to your trading journey. It’s also a great way to combine different strategies, only if you can manage them. Otherwise, stick to one strategy until you have properly adopted the strategy. The challenging part of your trading journey is that you need to control your emotions and behavioral mistakes. Regular practice of self-discipline and maintenance of proper trading journals can reduce your mistakes and increase your chances of success.

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