Benefits of a Robot Vacuum: The Appliance of the Future

Advantages of Using Robot Vacuums and Why You Should Keep Your Home Clean

No doubt, vacuuming is that one household chore you usually try to put off as much as you can. It’s not only boring and tedious but it also consumes a lot of your time and energy. So for most homeowners, investing in a robot vacuum is a real life-saver. It allows you to clean your flooring with little to no effort on your part.

What Exactly Are Robot Vacuums?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are autonomous devices. They are meant to clean your hardwood floorings, tiles, and carpets of all sorts of dirt and debris similar to regular vacuum cleaners. The biggest difference is that these robots can reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do on a daily basis.

Robot vacuums were first introduced during the latter part of the 90s. Initially, homeowners did not respond well to the new technology. But because of innovation in the last two decades combined with the continued increase in Smart Home gadgets, they’ve become a popular cleaning tool for homes.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a wide selection of home floor vacuums and more affordable models come out. Hence, homeowners have become more interested in getting one for their house. But the biggest reason is that these machines have also become more effective at performing their designed purpose. And that’s to clean your floors without requiring too much assistance from you.

Why Should I Buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

You can effectively reduce the physical effort and time you spend keeping your floors clean with the help of a robot vacuum. Although it’s a bit costly, it does present a wide range of benefits, justifying your investment.

This smart home gadget is quite small but offers high cleaning efficiency. It also has excellent floor-cleaning skills. Known as smart cleaning, it can do far more than what your traditional upright vacuum can offer and requires no intervention on your part.

Advantages Of Owning A Robot Vacuum

If you’re in the market for a robotic vacuum, knowing what benefits to expect from it can help slim down your choices. Also, it’s best to learn how to use a robot in an effective way to know its proper usage and long-term effects in your home. 

Ease of Use

Robotic vacuums are very easy to operate. Once you program your unit to clean a certain space and set its timer on a specified start time, it’ll virtually work on its own. All you need to do is place your robot on your floor in the right starting point, and that’s it.

Also, a lot of models have undergone major improvements throughout the years. They’re made to self-regulate and are almost foolproof. It means that as technology evolves, mishaps are starting to become a thing of the past. So a malfunctioning machine or your unit getting stuck on surfaces is no longer much of a concern.

Hands-Free Operation

One of the most significant strengths of robovacs is that they can vacuum your flooring almost perfectly without your assistance. You only need to power it on and off as it goes. Aside from the integrated robotics technology in the design of the vacuum cleaner, these devices also have navigational sensors. This prevents them from dropping off the edges and bumping into obstructions. 

On the other hand, their dirt sensors help them detect all dirty areas. They’ll then clean those areas automatically. In terms of recharging, your unit will automatically return to its dock once its battery is running low. It’ll resume its task when fully charged. Owning a robovac means reducing the manual floor cleaning you have to do.

Low Maintenance

In comparison to conventional vacuums, robot vacs only require minimal upkeep. These devices are usually created using materials higher in quality. They are also meant to serve for many years.

The only job you have to do is to empty your unit’s container or replace its bag regularly. Additionally, ensure that your floors are clear of obstacles and clutter, and other items that may likely damage your unit.

Program Your Cleaning Schedule

With your busy and sometimes stressful life, the last thing you want is to worry and think about keeping your space clean every single day. Robotic cleaners eliminate this as you can program them to vacuum to a specific time or day. Your unit can clean as you go about your life and even when you’re away on vacation.

Saves You Time And Energy

No more dragging that heavy full-size vacuum around ever again. You can simply use your smartphone to order your robovac to clean your floorings. You don’t have to push anything or even watch where it’s going. 

This is especially beneficial if you have pets or kids in your household since you’ll have extra energy for them. You can also schedule your machine to clean later. Plus, you can set it to vacuum in certain patterns, making it even more convenient if you’re a busy homeowner.

WiFi Connectivity

Home hubs are growing in popularity these days. For this reason, you can now connect robotic vacuums to your home hub wirelessly. It means you’ll be able to control your device using voice control or via its smartphone app. You can also connect to it even when you’re out and about. 

Can Handle Tight Spaces

It’s quite difficult to take care of those tight or hard-to-reach spots with a conventional vacuum cleaner. But you can forget about this issue with a robot vac. Because of its compact size, the device can handle smaller spaces that your manual vacuum can’t clean. 

You’ll be able to vacuum all nooks, crannies, and corners easily. Your robovac will also do a thorough and extensive cleaning job in a comparably shorter time.

You Can Set Virtual Boundaries

Set aside your worry of robot vacuums falling off the stairs, knocking things over, or damaging your walls. You can program these machines to set virtual walls. This feature will build barriers that your unit won’t be able to pass. It will eliminate the risk of damaging both your furniture and the device. Additionally, it will prevent your robotic vacuum cleaner from going into or outside the off-limits zones of your house.

Disadvantages Of Robot Vacuums

  • Price tag. These machines will set you back a few hundred dollars. Although there are those under $100, they will fall short in terms of quality. As they say, you always get what you pay for.
  • They may get stuck. Due to their size and shape, there’s a chance that your robovac will get stuck in tight spaces or underneath your furniture. 
  • Not effective on stairs. Robotic vacuum cleaners and stairs do not mix well. It’s one part of your house where your device is inefficient. So you still need to have a traditional vacuum to take care of your stairs.
  • Requires pre-cleaning. You still need to sweep your surfaces before letting your unit do its task since robovacs are susceptive to obstructions. Make sure to get rid of things that may hinder its capabilities such as shoes, toys, and socks. 
  • Needs frequent emptying. Robotic vacuums are small, which means their dust canisters are also tiny. So you may need to empty it daily, especially if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair. 


You can have a cleaner home without breaking a sweat with the help of a robot vacuum. They’re great for the upkeep of your floors, and it’ll reduce the need to deep-clean frequently. Although there are a few setbacks, the many benefits you’ll get from robovacs compensates for these. 

We said this: No (sane) person likes to vacuum! Let the Robots do it!

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