As a Gamer in 2021, Would you Choose Great Graphics or a Great Story?

2021 is a big year. It’s actually a massive one for us gamers. Games with such creativity and freshness are coming up our way and almost all of us are already saving money for our favorite ones. The video-game technology has progressed so much over the years that it is getting harder and harder to distinguish video game graphics from the real world.

The photorealism involved is just surreal and along with that, the involvement of literature and mechanics of cinema in video games is increasing day by day too. A great example is Death Stranding, which is a game with quite the perfect mix of both. So what would you prefer? Great visuals or an emotional story that leaves you all teary?

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The answer is quite simple. People are always going to choose feelings over physicality and the games that come with both are going to be the definite winners. It’s quite normal for a gamer to prefer a nice story over nice graphics and physics and we see it just too often.

So many sci-fi games are perfect examples of games with great graphics that flopped badly just because they had no soul. Yet we see games like the Final Fantasy (especially now with Final Fantasy developing into online wave where the players have FFXIV Gil and have many activities to do), Yakuza, or the Life is Strange franchise going really big and hitting the top charts.

The perfect mix of both ends up as games like God of War, The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us series. These are the kind of games that had a perfect story-telling, along with the greatest visuals of all time, but we all know these games wouldn’t have worked out this well if the main story wasn’t good as it is. The depth of characters, the amount of emotions involved in all of the games mentioned above is just so great that we wouldn’t even want to imagine all these games otherwise.

A very recent example is Days Gone. Songs in a video game have been one of my favorite things after I first played Red Dead Redemption 2 and they have never been so on point than they are in both of these games. There are decent examples of great storytelling in the world of video games and we all love those games to their very bits. And if you are also a fan of great stories, I really do recommend you play these games at least once in your life.

This is why I conclude that the priority that a good story holds in all of our hearts is far greater than any of the other features of a video game, and it’s still as prominent as it was a decade earlier.

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