Arabian Ramadan Nights: Top 8 Sohour Places in Dubai

What’s a better way to spend Ramadan than in the city of diversity, excess and good food, Dubai. Being a hotspot destination for people all around the world, Dubai currently holds tasty dishes from all around the world. We’re going to focus on my personal favorites when it comes to iftar and suhour.

Al Majles

Via Mojeh

Starting the list very strong with one luxurious restaurant at Jumeirah, ‘Al Majles’. Serving sohour from 9:30PM to 3:00AM, with famous traditional sohour plates from all over the MENA region and worldwide dishes too. From sohour classics like foul, falafel, and manaqish to more modern renditions of middle eastern dishes like chicken and kale Salad. Mainly they are famous for the ambiance and various Shisha flavors for after sohour chill time.

Tip: Make your booking early because it gets fully booked quickly.


The true definition of Arabian nights, Amaseena is a Bedouin-inspired high-end restaurant located in the Ritz-Carlton at Jumeirah Beach. Usually serving up more than authentic Arabic and Persian food but also a whole atmosphere with hookah, belly dancers, and Arabic music. During Ramadan however, they keep to the amazing traditional dishes like Freekah soup, Lamb Harira Soup, and cold Persian Mazzah with walnuts, spring onions and many other options for both Sohour and Iftar. 


Located right in the heart of Dubai in Palace Downtown, this restaurant also falls on the high end of the spectrum. Serving up Arabic and Oriental cuisine, it’s known for its high-quality food from all over the world like Dim Sum and Satay, Manaqish, and a wide selection of pizza and pasta. And extravagant decor and interior design.

Sultan’s Lounge 

Located in Palm Jumeirah this extravagant restaurant is known for its mesmerizing design, and international dining experience. Serving a sohour full spread with all you can imagine of food and desserts.  

Kazoza Restaurant 

A piece of our home and culture for us Egyptians in the heart of Palm Jumeirah. This Egyptian restaurant serves all the authentic Egyptian goodness with a high-end, luxury touch. Expect all the staples of sohour in Egypt like Foul and Falafel and many more. 

Buhayra Lounge 

Super chic, poolside restaurants in an up-scale hotel in Downtown Dubai. With international dining and a full spread sohour with the most exquisite atmosphere with glittering lights and Arabic music. 


Located in Crown Plaza Hotel in Festival City. This is arguably the best place serving Mediterranean and Levantine cuisine in Dubai. With all the classic Suhoor staples from Syria, and Lebanon like Manaqish, Samosa, Kebba, and even Levantine BBQ if you want a hearty sohour for a long Ramadan day.  


Literally the height of glitz and glamour in Dubai, this is not just a restaurant, it is a whole venue that can accommodate more than 2,000 people. Sohour and Iftar at Asateer are both a full-on experience, a magical one that is, and a delectable filling meal. Serving a huge selection of cuisines with middle eastern staples and international dishes like pizza and pasta.

What suits your fancy this Ramadan? Whether it’s beloved MENA region foods that you’re looking for or something that is completely different and more international to power up with at sohour. Take your pick, cause whatever it is, these top sohour places are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. 

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