A Symbol Of The Holy Month: Ramadan Lantern’s Origins & History!

The month of Ramadan is representative of many aspects for us. Those things make Ramadan a month unlike any other, from decorations to family gatherings. However, Ramadan lanterns are special as they remind us all of the commencement of Ramadan and that we should get ready to fast and feel the vibes that this holy month brings to us.

But have you ever wondered about the Ramadan lantern’s history and origins? I mean, it’s been around for a long time, but no one has ever questioned its existence or origins. Therefore, we’re going to take a deep breath and delve into the origins and history of authentic Ramadan lanterns.

Several sources claim that the development of Ramadan lanterns occurred during Saladin’s reign (1174-1193 AD). However, there are many different perspectives on the lantern’s creation, and we don’t know one precise story. As a result, some say that the lantern’s origins in Ramadan may be traced back to when Cairo’s young children used to carry lanterns to light the way for the Caliphs as they went around cities.

Furthermore, according to Al Ahram online, Fatimid monarchs once enacted legislation mandating store owners to clean the streets in front of their establishments and to keep a lantern on their doors all night. The Caliph al-Hakim (996-1021) then issued an order prohibiting women from leaving their homes at night unless they were accompanied by a boy holding a lantern. He also ordered lights to be hung at neighborhood entrances, with anyone who failed to do so facing penalties. This resulted in a boom in the lantern industry, as well as the introduction of many different designs and sizes.

Ramadan lanterns are now mostly utilized as a decorative item and a reminder that Ramadan is almost approaching. We enjoy purchasing them, and they have become a part of our culture in the Arab world over time. They truly are one of a kind, and while there are various stories about their origins, they are still an important part of our history and heritage!

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