A Look Into how Video Games Have Improved in the Last 10 Years

In the last decade, video games have changed more than the world has. Technology moves extremely quickly these days, which is great for gamers. There are so many improvements in graphics, speeds, and themes. It’s as if you’re watching a film, rather than playing a game.

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1. Storytelling

Played Space Invaders as a kid? It would probably be possible to summarize that storyline in three words; destroy the ships. Technology at that time could only process such a simple idea. In today’s world, a game like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, can completely divide its audience based on its storyline. As with any soap opera, there are more twists and turns than gamers can handle.

The easiest way to achieve full immersion is by getting sucked into the storyline of the characters. A fine line exists between the number of cut scenes and the integrity of the gameplay itself, but getting the balance right is an art in itself. The importance of great storytelling is inevitable as photorealism gains traction.

2. eSports and Streaming

As new gamer platforms like Twitch introduce watchers to the industry, it has changed how entertainment itself is viewed. People watching players rather than playing themselves was unthinkable a decade ago, but today’s prize money for top eSports games fetching around $18 million is a massive change.

Multiplayer online battles are a big deal these days. As a form of entertainment, eSports has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in entertainment to date. It draws enormous audiences who in turn, generate huge advertising revenue. Kids no longer want to be firefighters when they grow up; they all want to be YouTubers.

3. Mobile Gaming

You have probably heard about mobile gaming unless you have been living under a rock. The new slice of bread is playing, watching, and enjoying on-the-go video games and social media – whether they are free or paid.

It is predicted that smartphones will soon outnumber people on this planet and will contribute to 45% of the gaming market. With handheld devices becoming more cost-effective, more people gain access to information without having to purchase expensive hardware. You can play any game you want in a spare minute, from simple pick-and-play, to more complex PC-style games. Moreover, cloud gaming is only going to increase in popularity.

4. The Digital Era

First, physical stores have been replaced with online counterparts in the distribution of video games. As the internet has removed geographical boundaries, players can now play games from around the world. We won’t have to wait outside the games parlour all night long, that’s for for sure.

As gamers look for convenience, app stores have taken over corner stores. It has also been critical to the success of smaller, independent productions to be able to spend more of their budget on product development rather than distribution.

Then, imagine a world where storage issues and hardware will be even more obsolete in 10 years. In the future, games will stream over 5G, so your console won’t have to be so technologically advanced. There’s never been a time when convenience was more prevalent than it is today, and technology is progressing at a rapid clip, that leaving the house will eventually no longer be necessary.

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