9 Vlogging Tips for You to Stand Out and Earn Money

With the advent of technology, vlogging has been one of the most sought-after professions. If you are here, reading this, I am sure even you wish to become a successful vlogger. 

1.    The introductory 15 seconds of the Video makes or breaks the Vlog!

With the advent of technology and the culture of putting everything on social media, the retention level of the people has reduced vigorously. So, if you want to grab someone’s attention, you need to make sure that the first 10-15 seconds are intriguing.

When your vlog starts on a high, you can easily get more viewership along with an increased average duration of viewership.

2.    The thumbnail of the Vlog will also set the impression.

The thumbnail is like the cover picture of the video, and if that is not attractive enough, you will not be able to pitch your audience. Especially when you are uploading on social media platforms, the thumbnail can sell your Vlog. You should keep an interesting shot from the video, or write a phrase that summarises the video.

You can also work on an attractive color scheme, or have all the important credits written on the cover thumbnail.

3.    Narrate a story through your video

A study showed that there are close to 31 million YouTube channels. This means the competition in the market is undeniable very high. So, how will you differentiate from others? This is where your art of content creation will come in. Create videos that offer value, aesthetics, and even some fun.

You can have a basic script or topics in mind, that you wish to cover through the vlog and then ensure that the entire vlog is narrating that story. Prior planning and well-thought execution will make your content look a lot more refined.

4.    Edit. Edit. Edit

Any Vlog is incomplete without editing. Most Vloggers prefer editing and add a nice sarcastic touch or better sound effects for presenting the content in a better way. There are a lot of applications available online, or you can download the Adobe Creator Studio to edit your Vlogs.

Some things are quite basic, like an opening jingle, some nice sound effects, better graphic positioning, etc. that give a finishing touch to the video.

5.    Be consistent with your postings and planning

Lesson-1 of Vlogging is the art of being consistent and planning things ahead of schedule. Until and unless you create a chart for the episodes, you cannot keep things together. The best thing is to have at least a month’s content prepared ahead so that you don’t miss the schedule.

6.    Talk about current trends or social issues.

Once you are consistent, you will also have to be highly relevant. If your Vlog does not connect to the audience, chances are you will not make the cut in your audience’s mind. So, start by finding a niche and try connecting with them.

This will keep the audience entertained and you will have a steady growth of followers.

7.    Start a blog of your own or reach out to popular blogs.

Most of the Vloggers also collaborate with other blogs or even start their own blogs. This helps for cross-channel promotion and also brings in a new audience in the relevant niche. These blogs also give a longer shelf life to the Vlogs and give added visibility to the newly released episodes.

8.    Use Social Media for more engagement and viewership.

Only posting on YouTube will not help you with visitors and followers. You also need to be active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest. You can easily make snippets of the Vlog and put it on Instagram Reels. This will again help multiply your RoI as you use your content for multiple purposes.

You can also upload them on Instagram stories, and do some organic promotion of your vlog. 

9.    Have You tried your hands on the right equipment?

When you want to become a Vlogger, you can’t do without some vlogging equipment. You can definitely start with what’s available as your phone but as you grow and seek more audience, you will need professional equipment. A good attachable microphone, a stabilizer, a tripod, and even a professional camera if your budget permits. 

Now that you know the star tips about vlogging, what’s the wait worth for? Ready, set, go!

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