7 Pain Relieving Benefits of CBD

The web is buzzing with information about CBD, and you can barely go anywhere without seeing it plastered on billboards, storefronts and more. That’s because CBD is a natural substance, with little side effects that are proving to be an effective treatment for numerous medical conditions. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, seizures or something physically debilitating like arthritis and neuropathy, CBD is making astronomical lead way as an effective treatment for several health issues.

Some companies say that the use of CBD can aid as a treatment for chronic pain, inflammation and discomfort because science is showing that it is a better treatment than medications and provides many other benefits. In this article, we discuss seven painful illnesses that can be treated with CBD.


Fibromyalgia is often mistaken for arthritis, but it is a different type of pain and inflammation because it causes pain and discomfort in soft tissue. Moreover, those with fibromyalgia experience weakness, fatigue, and pain. Mood swings and issues with memory are also side effects of fibromyalgia.

CBD is purported to help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms because it affects the nervous systems, which is directly linked to all the soft tissue in your body. In addition, CBD can help some other side effects of fibromyalgia-like trouble sleeping, mood swings and more.


Arthritis is one of the leading causes of severe pain and millions of people all over the world have it. Furthermore, rheumatoid arthritis is not only one of the most prevalent types of joint pain, but it’s also one of the worse types of arthritis. Arthritis can be very debilitating because it causes pain and discomfort in the joints. It also causes the joints to stiffen limiting the mobility and function of your limbs, especially in the hands and feet.

There are numerous case studies on the web that show how beneficial CBD can be for arthritis. As a matter of fact, it has made momentous progress as an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and is the primary treatment in many cases.

Migraines and Headaches

Millions of people suffer from migraines and headaches. There are numerous causes and medications often do not work completely. Furthermore, they are one of the primary chronic pains affecting women. However, CBD is starting to prove as a safe and effective treatment for both migraines and headaches. Not only can it relieve the pain of migraines but can reduce the number of days you experience headaches or migraines when you take it regularly.


Neuropathy is also a common cause of pain, and it can affect every part of your body. However, people with neuropathy often feel pain, discomfort, numbing and tingling in their hands and feet. Neuropathy is a side effect of damaged nerves, which may be caused by cancer, diabetes, injury or infection. It can be particularly dangerous when the feet go numb because you can’t feel injuries to your feet.

Like with arthritis, CBD is being used by some as an excellent and much safer treatment aid for neuropathy than medications. Moreover, it has brought relief and hope to many people with neuropathy who have not found medication and physical therapy effective. CBD helps those with neuropathy by reducing inflammation, treating pain and encouraging healing because it communicates with certain cannabinoid receptors in your body.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes we do not know the cause nor cure of chronic pain. Chronic pain, in general, can affect everything from your head and neck to your joints and soft tissue. Moreover, you can experience more than one type of pain that is caused by multiple health conditions. CBD is providing relief to many people who experience pain for no reason.

Multiple Sclerosis

Many people are affected by multiple sclerosis, a disease that causes damage to the brain, spinal cord and other nerves as the immune system attacks the protective covering around nerves. As a result, nerves cannot communicate with the brain like they should, resulting in numerous side effects. Those with MS may experience pain, fatigue, memory loss and trouble with mobility and coordination.

As with some of the other medical conditions on our list involving the nerves, MS can possibly be treated with CBD because of the way it binds with cannabinoid receptors. Although CBD won’t cure MS, it can relieve the pain and discomfort caused by this disease.


There is a multitude of inflammatory diseases aside from arthritis, MS and diabetes (causes inflammation), such as lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, Gaves’ disease, autoimmune vasculitis, and celiac disease. Something as simple as recovering from surgery can cause inflammation because the body releases toxins to treat, heal or protect your body. These toxins are the root of inflammation and may cause extreme pain.

CBD can treat the side effects of many inflammatory diseases because it reduces inflammation in the nervous system. Millions of people have experienced relief from their inflammation as a result of taking CBD.

The Bottom Line

Although much is still unknown about CBD, many scientists and doctors believe it to be a safer and more effective treatment than medications. Moreover, it is even providing relief to those with diseases and disorders that have previously found treatment minimally effective.

The key to using CBD safely and appropriately is purchasing from a seller that provides pure, quality products that are honest about the potency and ingredients.

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