6 Common Compliance Training Mistakes That Your Organization Must Avoid

Compliance training is one of the crucial employee development functions for many companies in 2020. From helping their employees learn more about the company’s rules and regulations to inform them about the consequences of disobeying them, a compliance training process does it all.

However, some mistakes can disturb the flow and efficiency of your company’s compliance training program. Being aware of those mistakes can help you avoid them. In this article, we are discussing six common compliance training related mistakes that your organization must avoid.

Not Being Specific About The Goals

A compliance training program can be used to educate employees about several topics. From a company’s rules and regulations to updates in compliance policies, such programs can help achieve a variety of training goals. However, a vague approach while creating a compliance training program can backfire.

This may give rise to confusion regarding what your training program is trying to communicate. Plus, the learners, i.e., your employees may have to face problems while accessing and comprehending your program content. As a result, the efforts and investments that you made for this program may go in vain.

Poor Design

A design failure can result in the poor performance of your compliance training program. As you wish to train your employees around your company’s rules and regulations, you must also take responsibility for providing them with a finely designed program.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind for good program design:

  • Pages should be free from clutter: Clutter on your program’s pages can distract your learners from the topic.
  • Easy navigation: Are your employees able to quickly switch between topics and find the content that they are looking for?

    Make sure your program is easily navigable.
  • Use of visuals: An all-text compliance training program can be too dull for your employees. Consider adding relevant images, GIFS, infographics, and videos to make it more interactive.

Not Using The Right e-Learning Software

Another mistake that you must avoid is using an eLearning tool that is not compatible with your program’s needs. For example, if your company wishes to implement gamification into the program, it will need to buy a reliable training software with relevant gamification features.

So, before you invest in an eLearning tool, make sure you have clearly identified your compliance requirements and training goals. A wrong purchase can cost you double the actual amount, plus it will require more time for research.

Too Much Content

It’s important to provide your employees with enough important information. However, if you are about to go over the top at offering too much information in one program, you may be making a mistake.

This will increase the length of your compliance training program. As a result, your employees will have to spend more time attending the course. In many cases, they may not have enough time to invest in such programs. Secondly, an elongated program can be too dull for your employees. And their lack of interest in learning can cause your program to fail.

Lack of Interesting Elements

Long pieces of plain text generally come off as boring. And even if your compliance training program is created in the form of videos, it may still lack the essential elements that add interest. Gamification is one subtle way of doing that.

By using the right gamification features, you can turn a dull compliance training program into an interesting course. Doing this can help you ensure that your company’s crucial compliance pointers are being understood by your employees. So, consider gamification as an important factor while choosing an eLearning tool.

Access Restricted to a Specific Category of Devices

Most people in the current times access the majority of information on their smartphones or tablets. These devices are surely easier to carry. They don’t weigh a lot. You can access the internet easily, and they make learning while traveling super easy.

If your company has created a compliance training program that is accessible only on laptops or desktops, learning may become inconvenient for your employees.

A mobile-friendly program that is accessible across various devices can easily be accessed as your employees take the subway or a cab on their way to the office and back home. The choice of eLearning tools largely determines whether the resulting programs will be mobile-friendly or not.

Wrapping Up

Compliance training is a critical business function that must be carried out with a flawless plan. Every single mistake can affect the results in a number of ways. Keeping that in mind, in this blog, we discussed six common mistakes that must be avoided while creating or launching a compliance training program.

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