5 Ways to Increase CTR as Advised by SEO Specialists

What does it mean to have a high CTR (Click-Through-Rate)? A high CTR is an evidence that internet users find your content useful or informational. Since online users are always on the hunt for useful information, it is only right to ensure that your site can readily offer it. 

The information could take various forms such as blog posts, an article, or even an infographic. If you, therefore, want more users to access your site,  you have to work on your CTR. Here are some suggestions from SEO Specialists:

Title Optimization

Headlines are prominently the most visible parts of a page. They are the first thing an online visitor pays attention to and their quality determines whether a user will click through or not. The subject line should, therefore, be compelling and attention-grabbing. 

One way to create a compelling title is by analyzing related or competitor headlines that registered huge traffic or had impressive social shares. You however need to use a VPN like Perfect Privacy VPN while stalking your competitor’s site to hide your identity. According to VpnTesting, Perfect Privacy VPN is one solution that allows you to customize an almost similar title all depending on what you are about.

Insert the Main Keyword in the Ad URL

Doing this provides certainty among readers by convincing them that your ad contains what they are after. Incorporating a keyword in the ad URL is one of the easiest ways to increase CTR, but most site owners overlook it. URLs with keywords for that reason perform better compared to those without.

Work on Site Speed

You should not assume that all users have the patience of waiting for a sluggish page to load. Some users will not hesitate to backtrack once they discover that a site is taking longer than usual to load. It is for such a reason that you should improve your site’s speed by, for instance, compressing images. 

A slow VPN can also slow your site so make sure that you are not using a crowded one. You can go ahead and read this article to know more about TorGuard which is one of the fastest VPNs.

Let the Meta Description be the User Magnet

Being the text that appears under the title or headline, a well-crafted and optimized meta description will highly rank your page and eventually increase your CTR. It should carry the description of your content gracefully in a way that is convincing and alluring to the reader. 

Targeted users should be able to already find the answer to the questions they have through your meta description so that they can click through for more.

Images and Photos Also do the Trick

Visual appeal plays an important role in catching the attention of visitors. Use the most relatable images and don’t forget about good quality and size. A landing page without suitable images or no images at all is a turn-off to most visitors, and Google can easily detect when users are not satisfied with a page resulting in lower ranking.

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